Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's like God wants me to develop new bad habits

So this morning I was getting gas for my lawnmower (another story in of itself) and on top of the pump was a half used can of Skoal. Huh. Must be a sign. Always wanted to try dipping.

However, I forgot about it when I left.

While doing my rounds right now I found a can of Husky Wintergreen Long Cut. Unopened.

What are the odds that this shit would find me twice in one day?


Someone is trying to tell me something. Someone is trying to tell me, "Yeah, your teeth might be bad now, but you really haven't taken it nearly as far as you can go!"

So right now this can is sitting in front of me. I've already opened it. I've touched it's soft goodness.

*Taps fingers on desk*


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