Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So now birds love my front yard

A little too much it would seem.

So I put up a couple of bird feeders in front of my house. I think mine might be the only house in the neighborhood with bird feeders cause they're all in my yard now it seems. This morning I set out the last of my bird seed and, well, they all went apeshit crazy. No shit, it was like a little war between sparrows, doves and these littel black birds with yellow and red stripes on their wings to get the seed. I swear to God, the sparrows were piling on each other at times and those little black stripey birds, when they were on the feeders, hogged them completely and pecked away the smaller birds until they got knocked of by the bigger doves (who couldn't actually fit on the smaller one). Nevermind the dozen or so birds sitting in the grass right underneath picking up the stuff dropped in the grass. Amazing stuff.

They went through all the seed in about three hours. I know this cause I was up all morning with an upset stomach and would periodically check thigns out.

Actually, it wasn't only the birds. A neighborhood squirrel even got in on the action. First he went for the bird feeder right next to my living room window. He would reach over from a branch, grab on to the feeder, pick up some seed then go over and perch a little higher up to eat. I actually watched that for about half an hour ebfre he saw me and took off briefly, came back, huffed at me and then proceeded to eat some more. He took off again after that. I came back half an hour later and he was over by the smaller one hanging from the tree in the middle of the yard. He would dangle by his hind legs, and do the same thing but he ate upside down a lot more cause it was more of an effort for him to right himself. And I watched this for a while as well. Damn, that squirrel can eat. He also hogs the whole feeder as well. When he grabs it it's impossible for the birds to stay on and they flutter off. Fially I scared him off so the birds could get something to eat. Once the food was all gone I saw him in the grass picking up leftovers.

I never thought the feeders would be so popular. Also it looks really bad having so many birds fighting in my front yard. I'm gonna move one into the back. Also, I have a hummingbird feeder out front as well and the humingbirds, it would seem, are loathe to get involved in a mass altercation and flit away.

I guess I'll go pick some more up at the store this morning. I need to get deodarant anyway so it's a good excuse. After that I gotta mow my lawn. I was gonna do it Saturday after I got the new wheel from Lowes, but when I started I forgot to check the oil and overheated the motor and nearly fucked it up. Then it got too cold and wet to do it, but since it warmed up I've got no excuse. Plus it'll make it easier for those little bastards to pick seed out of the grass.

Gonna be a busy morning.


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