Saturday, February 23, 2008


Sweetest wine I've ever had.

I think I may be chilling more then I ought to.  I just stick it in the fridge and then pull it out as needed.  Should I let it warm up a little?  Or does it matter?

I need to look this up.  "Whatever your preference," my ass!  What I need is a frame of reference first so I can actually develop a preference. 

I'm having difficulty with whites.

I was thinking about trying a reisling next, but maybe a sauvignon blanc is in order.  It's supposed to be more on the dry side.

As for a red, maybe a merlot, maybe a syrah.....yet to really decide.  Probably merlot, but I might get a shiraz like what my brother-in-law gets.

After a couple of weeks of almost nothing but coffee and wine, Coke is having a hard time comparing.  Jesus, I'm not losing my taste for soda, am I?!?!?!?!  That'd be something.


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