Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another spendy day

Kohl's just opened up here a couple of weeks ago and mom got some $15 dollars in free coupons in her email or in the mail.  Said she needed new sheets so today we went to look around.  The really cheapy shit, 275 thread count shit, that she wanted to get wasn't there, alas.  I did, however, talk her into getting some 300 count set.  Even with the coupons it came to $40 bucks, but since she really needed new sheets I went half and half (ish) with her.  She paid $24 and I paid the rest.

While we were piddling around I also saw some nifty memory foam pillows.  You know the ones, the kind that are shaped real funny for neck support and are made of the smoldering reamins of the Discory and Columbia space shuttles?  Well, I was actually considering getting one for me cause my pillows have also had it but I can live.  I almost didn't, but I ended up getting her one for $20 bucks.  Her pillows fucking suck and at her age she should be able to have a decent night's sleep.  We got home and she laid on it and said it was really good.  Really comfortable.  Hooray!  That should make up for the fact that I've been oversleeping in the evenings and not getting up in time for dinner.


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