Sunday, April 13, 2008

It needed doing

Hand to God!

Bought a cheap copy of Samurai Champloo volume 1 through Righstuf. Geneon went out of business last fall and the series is homeless and without manufacturer and distributor. So, considering when I was looking there was only three copies left of volume one, I ordered. Think I was getting in a slap fight on the server or something cause I kept getting error messages. Really tight contest it would seem. But I was...victorious!

All told, with shipping, it was $17.99. Hopefully by the time I'm paid next they'll still have copies of volumes two through six in stock. They have very little left of those series and with the American rights to the series in legal limbo (I imagine) it will be who knows how long before someone else buys Geneon's masters.

As an aside, this will be the first anime in my collection actually produced by Geneon (unless you want to count the pre-Geneon Pioneer shit). Is it any wonder they went under? Never produced more then two series worth a shit. Pioneer nabbed all sorts of good series but it seems once they were sold to Dentsu it all went downhill. Go figure.


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