Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Shall we?

Booster Gold #8
Countdown #3
Green Lantern Corps #23
Justice Society of America #14
Nova #12


Booster Gold - Not bad.  Picking up from last issue, Booster and the Blue Bettle launch an attack against Maxwell Lord alongside Green Arrow, Hawkman and the few loser heroes they've rounded up that are left over.  Of course, they're all subsequently killed leaving Booster and Beetle.  It's kind of difficult to keep track of one issue to the next considering the series is essentially made to be read in collected formats.  It was a good issue, but it seems the series isn't really living up the promise of the first issue.

Countdown - Gah!  Well, after the last few issues this was a breath of fresh air but the series is in a completely different place then from where it all started by this point.  We do get a nice throwdown between Superman and Darkseid but it ends with Darkseid getting ready to take on...Jimmy Olsen.  Christ.  Who cares!!!!  And this issue seems to take place after the last issue of Death of the New Gods so it doesn't make as much sense as it should.  What the fuck was Darkseid doing on Earth anyway?

Green Lantern Corps - Finally!  Guy Gardner!  Guy Gardner and a group of Lanterns hunting down yellow Sinestro Corps rings.  And what the hell is Mongul doing anyway?  Seems that guy has like six yellow rings and I suppose will be the next leader of the Sinestro Corps.  This was a pretty good issue I felt.  Starts off a bit slow while this team of Lanterns is dragged back to Oa to start their mission.  The story proceeds a pace as the team split into groups of two entering the star system they're to search.  Gardner and Kyle Rayner start the beatings immediately while Arisia and Sodom Yat, the new Ion, get whomped and abducted by some psycho two headed Sinstro Corpsman and Mongul fairly quickly.  Sodom Yat is supposed to be not only the most powerful Lantern but also of a species similar to Kryptonians.  Seems to get his shit handed to him fairly quickly, no?  But that's basically where it ends off.  Looking forward to the next issue.

JSA - Okay, honestly?  Considering how often this series runs late?  I have no idea what's happening anymore.  It starts off with Power Girl showing up at some dudes place talking about a fight between Superman and Gog.  When was this?  Last issue?  Superman?  I don't read Superman, just Action Comics.  What the hell?  Then the entire JSA is in their little meeting space chatting amongst themselves when Gog shows up and starts a fight.  I'd say the action was good but Eaglesham's art doesn't flow that well.  I mean he's a good artist but this is where a flashier artist would come in real handy.  The action was pretty stiff.  At issue's end was some Green Lantern type character, I didn't recognize them.  From the Kingdom Come universe?  I give up.  Totally dropping this title cause I am seriously confused.  If it came out quicker then once every six weeks I'd have an easier time following it but it doesn't so I don't.  It does clarify a parallel story that's been running with Death of the New Gods and Countdown what with New Gods dying and getting their hearts ripped out.  Apparently Gog found the weapon of a god from the Third World and has been using it to make way for this guy's return.  Not that it makes a difference cause the Fourth World is ending and making way for the Fifth World.  But hey, whatever, the whole story is basically just cashing in on 12 year old stories and concepts.

Nova #12 - Yeah!  Picking up from last issue we see Nova about to be consumed by the technoorganic virus in his body.  Unfortunately, Warlock's ward's daddy (giant technoorganic monster) comes back to kill him.  Warlock sends his boy to flee and then sacrifices his "life glow" to rid Nova of his virus.  Finally!  So Nova takes on the "Siredam" but without much luck.  Warlock's boy eventually comes screaming back cause he wants to prove he ain't some pussy (which is what Warlock was basically teaching the kid to become) gets his shit beat and then eaten.  Yep.  However, since the kid was apparently possessed of a mutant programming, he manages to overwrite his big bad dad's programming and take possession of the body.  Clever!  They then proceed to resurrect Warlock  and rid Gamora and Drax of their viruses as well.  It wraps up slightly too fast, however, as the whole story-line is going to come to a final conclusion in Annihilation: Conquest #6.  Fuck!  And I'm not even picking up the individual issues!  I'm waiting for the hardcover.  Comes out next week.  Do I?  Should I?  Ah shit.  Love the way Abnett and Lanning handle Warlock's dialogue.  Most sentences start off as some sort of command prompt, adds a little bit of character to the, uh...character.  Claremont never thought of that.  What do you think of that, Chris?  Yeah?  Yeah?!?  What do you think of that?!?!?!?!?!  Bitch.

Overall, it was an okay week.  Cheap as it's been in ages too.  Only five books.  Didn't pick up that new issue of Punisher.  What did I tell ya?  What did I tell ya?  Huh?  Huh?!?  Damn right, said I wasn't gonna bother after the last issue and I didn't.  Sheeiit!

Next week looks really good with Incredible Hercules, Warbound, X-Factor, Grendel (WOO!) and Captain Puerto Rico.  Can't wait.  Should I pick up that X-Men: Divided We Stand book?  Should I really bother?  Hmmmm.....


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