Saturday, April 12, 2008

How's this?

Grendel: Devil by the Deed
Grendel Archive Edition
New Avengers Volume 2

Might have to pay shipping on the New Avengers collection as Buy is saying that it won't be in stock until Wednesday.  No matter, still saving money on it over Amazon.  If I luck out and they have everything in stock then the whole order only comes to $53 bucks.  Otherwise $56.60.  Not bad.

Also pre-ordered The Absolute Sandman volume 3.  Again, cheaper then Amazon but I do have to pay shipping cause it's so big.  Maybe.  Didn't have to with the Absolute Dark Knight collection, so maybe I can write them towards the shipping date and dispute the charge or maybe they'll deduct it themselves.  Probably just forget the whole thing cause I still save a couple of bucks over Amazon either way.

Stuff!  I like it.


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