Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Did I mention wine?

Got a couple of bottles of Yellow Tail again.  A shiraz/cabernet mixed deal and a merlot.  Spent my morning sipping the shiraz/cabernet and watching The Big O.  Ya know, this is some seriously fruity shit.  It's probably the cheapest wine you can find before you're scrounging nickles and dimes before buying a bottle of Manischevitz but it's...so so.  Like I said, fruity as shit.  As I'm of the understanding, "fruit bombs" are big these days.  Great time for me to start drinking wine, ay?  Really, if this is the case I might as well just spend my time drinking Kool-Aid.  I'm trying to get cultured, dammit!

But yeah, it's okay.  Alas, cause of my allergies, the olefactory part of wine enjoyment eludes me.  Suck!  Well not all the time, but when I pour a glass when I get home only to have the use of one nostril or start sneezing my idiot head off it can really be a mood killer.


Eh.  Ah well.

But on to the Big O.  For whatever reason, with the Anime Legends release, they changed the opening theme.  It's a better theme, technically, but it doesn't fit the images scrolling across the screen.  It was all timed to fit with the other pompus, Flash Gordon, Queen style opening.  Works with the hippy trippy background colors though (I'd post the theme but YouTube is blocked at this job now).  They also appeared to excise the old music out of the in-show action.  Damn!  Changes the feel of the show when it comes up.  Don't think it ever really was used in the show much, though, was it?  I can't remember.  It's been some years since I last watched on Adult Swim and I only just recently got the DVDs.  Halfway through season one.  Love the animation.  LOVE the designs.  Roger really is Bruce Wayne without the childhood trauma.  Can you just see that writing session where they discuss the characters?  "Our lead character shall be Batman!  Except without the costume, the cool gadgets, and instead shall be a private investigator with half the money and run around in a giant fucking robot."  Cue everyone nodding heads in approval.  "Also, he shall have a robot sidekick."  Cue more nodding heads.  "In fact, at the end of the series, we shall reveal that in fact everyone was a robot and our main character was living life in a bizarre computer simulation run by alien invaders!"  Collective orgasm before everyone shakes hands and gets paid.

Speaking of anime, Samurai Champloo shipped.  In fact, all my orders have shipped.  Should get Champloo by the end of the week.  Should get the first part of the Buy order either end of this week or beginning of next.  The other part, definitely beginning of next if not middle.

More stuff.

God bless stuff.


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