Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Captain America #37
Countdown To Final Crisis #2
The Flash #239
Grendel: Behold The Devil #6
Incredible Hercules #116
Warbound #5
X-Factor #30

An alright week.  I'll post reviews tomorrow.  Warbound is concluded.  Countdown is nearing its end.  That leaves Countdown #1 and DC Universe #0.  Grendel has two more to go.

Next week includes some cool shit.  Last issue of Death of the New Gods.  Also Justice League, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Thor (after a several week delay) and BATMAN!  Hulk is also on my Comixology pull list, but I wonder if I should even bother.  Too much for too little.  Ya know, there's also a Hulk Vs. Hercules one-shot.  Did I ask Andy to put me down for it?  I can't rightly remember.  Well, if I did he'll put it in for me.  I don't think I asked for it.  Well, whatever.

Did get a chance to flip through the first issue of the new Titans series.  Heh, another series readers never asked for.  So it's the original Titans (like they haven't tried this a thousand times over) and it's written by Judd Winick.  Naturally, everyone is bare assed naked.  Oh, look, Starfire's bare ass.  Sure fire way to sell a few extra thousand copies.  Man, Winick needs to drop out of comics.  This is what he contributes?  Naked chicks and faggotry.  Does he actually write anymore or make cheap excuses for one or the other?

Spent the morning watching the rest of The Big O season one.  Cool shit, man.  The first few episodes were wonkier then I remembered, but about episode eight things start falling into place with the characters and it really sucks latches onto you.  It's like a parasite.  I mean the show isn't really that good but it's too fun.  Roger Smith is too much of an asshole to be a likeable character.  He's sort of like James Bond, except he doesn't bag every babe he sees.  He's a detective, a diplomat, bit of an engineer, rich.....come on, this dude is a cliche!  Reminds me of that weeklong strip Bill Amend did in Fox Trot where Roger writes a James Bond like character and all he does is run around being awesome and bagging hot bitches.  Fucking horrible.  But what makes Roger Smith interesting is his relationship with the little android girl, Dorothy.  She's supposed to be emotionless, but comes across as more of a cynic and cool to everything that happens around her (though periodically showing a touch of naivete and ragging on Roger's shitty taste in clothes).  In fact, a bit coquettish at first but eventually a more sincere relationship starts to develop.  When there was still the vague possibility of a third season this is what you kinda hoped would be brought to the fore.  Oh, also Norman is the fucking man.  Makes Alfred look like a dribbling retard.

Speaking of anime, looks like Samurai Champloo volume one should be coming in Thursday.  Entered Dallas about noon.  Can't wait.


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