Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deadpool #1

One of Us part 1 (Secret Invasion tie-in)

To be sure, I wasn't really intending on getting this book, but I did for shits and giggles anyway.

All told, not bad.

Here's what I loved most, Paco Medina's art. He's got the best Deadpool since...shit, McGuinness? He looks tight. I never liked that look most artists give him with that big flappy part on the back of his head that looks like he's got a giant condom on (or at least it's very very minimal). The action flows great, and there is plenty of action to be had as he fights a bunch of Skrulls and blows up their ship.

As for the writing, it's cool too. I'm curious as to what Daniel Way has in mind with this sort of split personality narrative thing he's got going in Deadpool's head. So far it's Deadpool speaking, Deadpool thinking (yellow field) and Deadpool thinking (white field). He also seems to be hallucinating most of the issue. On a couple of occasions we see things from his perspective like Skrulls as kids begging for his autograph or Skrulls as video game characters with points for every one killed. It's pretty funny.

Speaking of laughs, it's not a drop dead hysterical issue. It's humorous at points with clever action. Deadpool traps this giant Skrull ship under the retractable roof of a baseball stadium. He greets them wearing the home team's mascot uniform. That was cute. But mostly, I think Way has something else in mind for our merc with a mouth. I wish I could say what exactly, aside from the fact that after beating the shit out of some Skrulls he approaches them with an offer to fight for them. What is up, indeed.

But, sadly, I won't be there. It's a decent first issue and very enjoyable. Anyone expecting the laugh out loud moments that Kelly or Nicieza brought might be disappointed, but it's a solid read overall. I think I would recommend it.


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