Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Deadpool #1

Final Crisis: Revelations #2

Green Lantern Corps #28

Secret Invasion #6

A very small week yet some cool shit.

And with the exception of GLC, it was all $3.99 a pop. Jesus! Final Crisis and Secret Invasion I kinda understand cause of the covers, but Deadpool? It was a standard size issue with a bunch of filler in the back. Killer, man.

Speaking of killer, comic reviews from here on will be sporadic at best. After this Friday I'm out of a job. Yep, I'm outta here! A little sooner then I would have liked, I announced the 20th would be my last day and they announced Friday is. It wouldn't be so bad if my boss hadn't called to gloat. Fuck you too, buddy! But at least half my brain wasn't removed and I can still wipe my own ass. HA!

But I digress.

So that leaves me short on internet access save for two nights a week.


But I shall try hard to vent and vent I shall.!


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