Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Justice Society of America #18 review

Warlords: Gog part three

Dale Eaglesham is back on art duties. Shit. While serviceable this issue, his action still doesn't flow nearly as well as Pasarin's the last two issues. I really, really wish that they'd have let Pasarin finish out the arc. Really, truly I do, if just for consistency's sake.

But anyway...

We learn more about Gog's character this issue. We see that while he loathes war and wishes to bring peace, he's not above killing per se. Stopping a militia from some murdering and pillaging, instead of killing them he...transmutes them! Into tree, specifically. Interesting from a god's point of view, this wouldn't be killing, but from a more rational point of view the it's the same. I mean unless he decided to transmute them into big walking talking trees with flaming swords attached to their arms.

But what we're really seeing is the unintended consequences of the "gifts" Gog has bestowed on our heroes. Shouldn't be a surprise since he launched Power Girl into Earth-2. Doctor Midnite, for example, has completely lost use of his powers. Unable to see in the dark, he's useless when using his smoke bombs. What will be interesting is to see how David Reid works out now. Killed by a grenade launcher, he's resurrected as the new Magog. Kick ass!

Overall, this issue is kind of.....well, so so. Some plot points are kinda rushed forward. We're really starting to see the schism between the JSA members occur, but it feels too quick. David Reid's death? Too sudden. Maybe it's cause I was spoiled by a solicitation in the latest previews, but the death didn't really feel all that dramatic to me. Gog is performing miracles left and right, but this lacked that miraclousness. More like, "Okay, time to make a new Magog! So kill that guy!"

I don't want to say I'm cold on this issue. It's good. It's just...lacking. Something. And I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it has to be Eaglesham's art, it's not really hitting those beats like it should. The script seems to be fairly solid, so I think Eaglesham deserves the brunt of the blame for any faults this issue.

Still, the story is interesting and I'm eager to see where it goes. Now that Reid is the new Magog, how will things play out?


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