Thursday, September 11, 2008

Secret Invasion #6 review

The main Secret Invasion series has been really touch and go for me. First issue was okay, and everything has been nothing but bits and pieces of cool with lots of filler. Last issue felt like the story was going somewhere and this issue continues in that vein. Really, it's practically a trend now. Two issues to go, lets hope Bendis can keep it up!

But seriously, now that the Avengers are out of the Savage Land both sides are gearing up for a serious fight before they throw themselves at each other at issue's end. We get to see Thor and Captain Bucky meet for the first time as they help lead the charge of a unified Avengers team against the Skrulls. That, my friends, is cool shit. Thor calling down the thunder and lightning to signal a rallying point for the good guys as friends old and new and old rivals and enemies show up. You really feel this energy build by issue's end and it is awesome. Next issue I think is the climax while issue eight winds things down, so how things play out next issue are going to be interesting.

The Skrulls have a hidden trump card in the Avenger's midst. Spoiler's Janet Van Dyne. That fucking whore! And if Marvel's new ad campaign is any indicator, and I bet it is, the Skrulls are going to win. Or at least half win. Looking at Captain Britain and MI:13, the Skrulls are ejected from Britain so that wins there will be pockets of resistance, but I think the situation is that by and large the Skrulls manage to force some kind of settlement that allows them to colonize. This shit is gonna get good. Damn you, Bendis!

Speaking of the Skrulls, I know some folks like the AICN Assholes aren't particularly down on the Skrulls being religious fanatics. Personally, and I know this isn't universal among the Skrulls as the Empire is actually in tatters, but this sect is kick ass. When the sides are staring each other down and Jessica Drew is basically gloating about how easy it's all been, why they're doing what they're doing, it gave me chills. The dialogue is so spot on. It's arrogant and unapologetic...honestly, I woulda given up. I'da said, "Bitch, it's yours!"

But really, this is the tightest issue of this series since issue #1. It's kinda sad to say cause the series is an eight parter, but if you haven't been picking the book up since, this is the next issue to get.


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