Thursday, September 11, 2008

Final Crisis: Revelations #2 review


Fucking tight.

I was kinda worried that, after reading the first issue, I would have no clue what was going on and it would be the low point of the Final Crisis spin-offs.

Totally wrong.

This issue is a strong, strong character issue as we see Renee Montoya and the Spectre Crispus Allen really meet for the first time since his murder and the more I read the more I wanted to see it keep going. Backed with Philip Tan's amazingly strong art, Rucka hits every emotional note in this issue right on the nose breaking down Allen and his role as the Spectre. The emotional intensity only ratchets up once they introduce the Spectre's opposite, the spirit of mercy, the Radiant. Allen just lashes out at this point wondering what kind of mercy God could possibly have when he was instructed to kill his own son.

Rucka's next great feat, pushing the story of Final Crisis forward. No shit! Another writer who should have been writing Final Crisis instead of Morrison. This time involving Vandal Savage, the Spear of Destiny from last issue and the Anti-Life Equation. By issue's end, the world is consumed by Anti-Life and Montoya is moments away from being consumed by it herself. Fucking win! I don't know why DC bothered assigning Final Crisis to Morrison when Rucka and Meltzer are the one's wanting to craft really interesting, character oriented books and Morrison just wants...well, anything not involving writing a coherent story.

Of all the Final Crisis books, it looks like this is the one to follow. Where Final Crisis itself goes, I'm really not much interested anymore. Where Revelations goes, I will follow it off the damn cliff. More please!


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