Sunday, February 24, 2008

Again with the wine

I almost didn't go to the store this morning cause my idiot replacement didn't realize she was supposed to show up (or got drunk the night before, whatever).  Didn't get home until 8:30.

Wanting to stay home and let my throbbing foot rest, I changed my mind when I realized I wouldn't be able to grab any wine Sunday morning cause as I found out you can't buy alcohol on a Sunday before noon in the State of Texas.  News to me!  So off to the store.

So I ended up grabbing a merlot (Fetzer, again) and a sauvignon blanc (Kendall-Jackson, and hopefully not bum wine material).  I was thinking about getting a reisling, but it's supposed to be a lot like a Gewurz and I wanna try something a little different.  And merlot...well, I just said fuck it.

Got a lot of leftover ham.  Might crack one open with something else.

Did also get a giant bag of grapes which I really didn't need.  Yummy grapes.  Mmmmmmmmm................


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