Saturday, February 23, 2008


Finally read this series when I got the volume one softcover in.

BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it.  Just a great series.  Some of the miniseries were only so so, but overall the story kicked all amounts of ass.  Tons of epic action, and just enough character drama to keep it from getting dull.  There was this one moment between Nova and Peter Quill and Nova and Ronan the Accuser that was pretty cool shit.  Nova was always kind of dumbshit before, but now he's a serious bad ass.  He's finally leaning towards the A-list.  I'm pleased.

Peter Quill is a sarcastic prick.  Love 'em.

Gamorra is pretty nearly naked throughout the whole story.  But what's an epic space drama without naked chicks I ask?

Thanos finally stopped looking gay and then got killed.  Again., here's my one major complaint.  Drax looks like a hip-hop gangsta in space now.  Mind you, the revisioning works well for him, but the costume sucks.  His miniseries, reprinted in volume one was...odd.  He was the interstellar gangsta surrounded by interstellar rednecks.  In Alaska.  The hell?  It was bizarre.  New Drax is pretty good, but that story was only barely passable.  And why were the Alaskan villagers written as Southerners?  Just...dumb.

Annihilus was the baddest motherfucker in the universe thoughout this series.  Oh man, any third Annihilation series (and I know there will be one) needs a villain like that!  Supremely evil and Annihilus was finally on the level of someone not to fuck with.

Overall, I'd give the whole series four stars.


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