Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars

Caught as much as I could.

Good to see No Country For Old Men take the major awards. I haven't seen it, and I hear-tell that the ending is infuriatingly bad, but I'm a fan of the Coen Brothers. Raising Arizona is one of my all time favorite movies. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is also a movie I can watch over and over again. I'm absolutely gonna make it a point to nab me a copy of No Country soon as I can. And cheers to Javier Bardem for winning Best Supporting Actor.

Did I also mention I'm super happy that There Will Be Blood lost? Cause Paul Thomas Anderson is an asshole. Boogie Nights and Punch Drunk Love are two of the worst movies I have ever seen. Granted, he can make actors act like you wouldn't fucking believe (Adam Sandler was in-fucking-credible in Punch Drunk Love) but the movies are so over the top pretentious that...well, when Mark Wahlberg takes out his prick at the end of Boogie Nights? See, that's really Anderson's prick. He's showing off his mighty artist penis. It's huge and yours isn't so nerrrrr! I got so fucking pissed off after seeing that movie. I mean, really, what felt like ten hours in the theater, needing to take a piss so massive only to see Wahlberg's/Anderson's fuck-stick at the end? Christ almighty but I hope there's a Hell just so Paul Thomas Anderson goes there and is raped by Satan for all eternity. Oh, and Punch Drunk Love was just fucking stupid.

Still, kudos to Daneil Day Lewis for winning Best Actor.

My happy moment was seeing Ratatouille win for Best Animated Feature. Best movie I saw last year and easily one of the best animated films of all time.

Was disappointed Enchanted didn't win for Best Song. Happy Working Song was fucking hysterical with the pigeons and rats and roaches and the pigeons eating the roaches, just crazy funny stuff. Shocking Disney didn't take it. Disney always takes it. Disney practically owns that award. Guess cause they haven't done any animated musicals in so long that the Academy no longer feels obligated to award it to them.

And the French actress Marion Cotillard winning for the French movie.....ya know, it's not often a non-English speaker wins best actor/actress. In fact, I think, Roberto Benigni was the only one. You would think this would be more celebrated as Cotillard would be the first non-English speaking actress to win in that category. Instead, the audience was pretty fucking surprised that it was her and not the Julie Christie or Ellen Page. Hell, I had never heard of this movie, La Vie en Rose, until tonight. Guess neither did most of the Academy.

The Oscars was mostly the same old self-congratulatory industry back slapping as usual but with a lot more Oscar reverence. Cool seeing a complete list of Best Picture winners and all, but honestly no one reminsces about the Oscars that much. It's nice to watch if you're amovie fan, but we don't wanna stay up for over three hours for this shit. If I had my way the only detours around the awarding would be for the songs (which is part of the awarding process anyway), the tributes to dead actors and producers and the opening monologue (and the odd in-between so the host can introduce the presenters). Otherwise it would be a real meat and potatoes show. However, I was on the can for most of it, but near as I can tell I'm glad there was no interpretive dance. THANK GOD!

Oh, and one more thing. John Stewart? Sucked! Oh my God, that was awful! Was he playing fucking Wii Tennis? Is that his idea of fucking hosting? Jesus fucking Harold Christ, that was some of the unfunniest hosting I've ever seen out of an Oscars ever. Really, that was just awful. Really, if it wasn't just entirely unforgettable it was mind numbingly stupid. My God, it really makes Whoopi Goldberg's turns look good. Ugh, please, I never want to see John Stewart host another Oscars for as long as I live. I will say one good thing, was him letting the female half of the duo who won best song come out later and give an acceptance speech. Awkward, but I thought it was very nice of him. That and his comment about the only time you see a black or woman president in the movies is when an asteroid is about to hit the earth made me chuckle. Otherwise I didn't care for his performance at all.

Overall, I think I'm quite satisfied with the outcomes. Don't think I saw more then three nominess, Ratatouille, Pirates and Sweeney Todd. But judging from what I've read I think the right movies and actors won. Now I have no excuse for not seeing the winners. Thankfully, that's what DVD is for.

CORRECTION: Strike that, I didn't realize Ratatouille was up for Best Original Screenplay which was won by Juno. Okay, fuck Juno. Everything I've heard about that movie is stupid. Feminist/hipster trash made up to look like a heartfelt comedy. Fuck Juno, Brad Bird was robbed.


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