Friday, March 21, 2008

Absolute Dark Knight

Got it in tonight and let me say it is absolutely gorgeous!  It came in pretty good condition too.  Mail order is always a risk, especially for a book as heavy as that one.  One corner of the slip is a touch bent but overall I'm pleased.  And goddamn is it thick.  Not as thick as my Absolute Sandman books, but all thing considered I am in love.  An excellent investment if I do say.

Flipping through the book the larger format lends itself to easier reading.  A lot of panels in The Dark Knight Returns are tiny and make it a pain in the ass, but this bigger size makes it less of a strain.  For The Dark Knight Strikes Again it makes no difference cause Miller did away with that format in favor of bigger, splashier layouts (much to the detriment of the story) but it doesn't hurt it at least.

Tons of extras in the back as well.  Lots of random script pages.  Honestly, that kinda sucks cause in the tenth anniversary edition they reprint the entire original script for issue four and shows how different the original ending was compared to the final, and much improved, ending.  In this they kinda throw out random script pages.  It would also have been nice to see full size cover reprints instead of quarter page reprints.  Come on, that cover for The Dark Knight Returns #1 is too iconic to be relagated to a quarter page.  If I were buying this for extras alone, I would be disappointed.  But I didn't so it's not a problem.  What really matters is it has the whole damn Frank MIller story in one giant snazzy collection.  The hardcover itself has a beautiful wrap-around slip featuring Batman on the front and Robin on the back.  The hardcover itself is a giant close-up of Batman from the cover of The Dark Knight Returns #1.  The slipcase is like the slip but in black and white (and the sides reversed with Batman in back and Robin in front).  The images are new with Batman vaguely looking more like Wildcat than Batman.  Sorry, it's true.  Hell, that last shot of Batman in The Dark Knight Strikes Again looks just like Wildcat.  If Miller did do a Wildcat series at least we know it would kick ass.  How about another Batman/Wildcat mini?

But I digress.

Now I think I can start reading the story.  Over the weekend I re-read The Dark Knight Strikes Again.  Why I read the second part before the first?  No reason.  But now I need to read the The Dark Knight Returns.  Just really dive in.  This giant ass edition will make it a treat.

Gorgeous!  Absolutely gorgeous!  I got it for $70 bucks off of and it is worth it.  Highly recommended.


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