Saturday, March 15, 2008

Work is impossible

They slashed my hours to keep me from getting overtime.  Then my hours went up cause my front desk manager didn't want to have to leave so late at night which was cool.  So now last week I ended up working half an hour over.  Well, apparently I'm now getting paid zero overtime.  Fuck it, they've never paid me right for the fractions of an hour.  Ever.  Deny they ever do it wrong or pass the buck.  Take home would actually be the same in the end.  It's just the acknowledgement really.  Man, I fucking hate these people.  Getting what I'm owed involves a greater headache then it's worth.  I can't wait...I'm fucking ecstatic at the thought of leaving this place in the summer.

In better news, I did the  stupidest thing and ordered me a copy of DC's Absolute Dark Knight hardcover.  Oh man, a couple of weeks ago it was (I think) $62 and change on and now it's $70 and change.  This story is just a classic, too good to pass up for so cheap.  The normal going price is $99 bucks and this is too good a deal to pass up.  I was hoping to get a copy of the Absolute DC: The New Frontier instead but since the release of the animated movie on DVD, and subsequent accolades, it's become impossible to find.  I'm probably screwed at this point.  Even the paperback editions are sold out.

So why is this stupid?

Cause a couple of weeks ago I backordered copies of The Big O and The Big O II from  They were on sale!  I got them for $20 bucks a piece!  How could I pass that up?!?!  Yeah, totally irresponsible.  (I also preordered Lucky Star which hits in May.)  I'm banking on the fact that I ordered at the last minute and that I'm at the back of the line which could take about a month before shipment.  Hell, it's happened before.

But back to The Dark Knight Returns...I busted out my old TPB copy, the tenth anniversary edition, that I got back in high school.  Man, it's been forever.  I really ought to re-read it.  I also have the individual issues of The Dark Knight Strikes Again which is also included in the Absolute Edition.  I don't think I ever really appreciated this story back then.  Now...Jesus.  Need more Frank Miller!  So yeah, I'm gonna sit down and re-read the whole damn thing once I get my new copy in the mail.  Oh, this is gonna look so good on my bookshelf!


Blogger Mr. Newit said...

Sorry to hear about your working woes. When I read shit like this I am always amazed. I wouldn't dream of doing 1/100th the shit that people put up with. Christ, when I've made mistakes on the payroll I've paid people out of my pocket just so they weren't stuck for a couple days without the money we owe them.

Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe it pays to be an asshole? Seems to work in the rest of my life but with employees...

Thanks Robert! You've given me an idea!

8:45 PM  
Blogger Robert Muñoz said...

My working woes aren't that bad I suppose. I just need something to complain about.

And yes, I've come to the conclusion it does pay to be an asshole. The meek shall inherit the earth my ass!

6:45 AM  

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