Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ya know, the movie with Sean Astin.


Manly tears.

Yeah, I got a little blubbery at the end when he gets to make two
plays and get counted as part of the team. Watch him sack the
quarterback was totally sweet. What a fucking great movie. When I
was a kid I just understood the plot to be "talentless loser gets
carried out of game for achieving sweet fuck all." Man, was I stupid.
What a great movie. Sean Astin is one of those actors that is really
good but you never really remember his name or what he was in. He'll
probably be one of those great unknowns, or just the guy that was in
The Goonies and The Lord Of The Rings. He really sold it. So many
opportunities to make Rudy seem like a retarded obnoxious fanboy. The
movie could have at any time descended into parody. Amazingy enough
it didn't. I'm not saying it's the best sports movie I ever saw but
it was a fucking great movie.

Not bad for $5 whole dollars.


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