Friday, March 14, 2008

So those last few books

Punisher - Ugh!  Starts off strong and then, for whatever reason, Garth Ennis proceeds to dive hard into left-wing anti-Americanism.  According to Ennis, half a million Iraqis have died, 20% of the officer casualty rate in Vietnam was due to fragging and the present crop of American generals have absolutely zero combat experience and are thus completely unqualified.  The half a million thing I was willing to brush off.  Hell, character talking, right?  Not everything is the writer's opinion.  Well, next up is the frag thing.  ARGH!  Okay, I declare two times a trend.  The portrayal of American generals as incompetent was the icing on the cake.  Not a big deal considering, hell, they are the villains of this story (and the story goes on longer then I've been reading the title, apparently) but COME ON!  Sorry, Garth Ennis is a great writer.  He loves him some war stories which he does spectacularly.  To peddle bullshit is beneath him.  Seriously, it just tainted the whole story for me.  I mean, I couldn't get into it.  Not like I'm averse to left-wing bullshit, it's everywhere, but from a writer of Ennis's caliber it's an extreme disappointment.  No point in reading the rest of the series.

Marvel Comcs Presents - Dropping this one too.  The Vanguard story seems to have jumped the shark at some point.  I think it was a couple of issues back.  Was never interested in the Weapon Omega story and the other fillers...suck.  The Kazar three parter was retarded and the last two one off fillers have been lame.

Booster Gold - Okay, this was good.  Unfortunately, I get left with the impression that it's another title being written for the collections.  This issue is dealing with the repercussions of Blue Beetle getting saved in the past and not getting killed like he should have.  Maxwell Lord and the OMACs have taken over.  Sweet!  The series isn't as strong as it should be, but it's a fun read.\

Next week looks good.  New Death of the New Gods, new Hercules, new Thor, new Captain America.....Can't wait!


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