Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Countdown to Final Crisis 6
Death of the New Gods #7
Grendel: Behold The Devil #5
Justice League of America #19
Incredible Hercules #115
Thor #7
Warbound #4

Was also supposed to get the new Captain America, Angel and Flash but apparently there was some kinda fuck up on Diamond's end and Andy never got 'em. Still, plenty of goodies. Unfortunately, haven't read a single one. I was going to this evening but I decided to take a nap instead cause my stomach felt a bit crappy. Put on some Rush, laid down and all was well after a couple of hours.

I wouldn't have needed the damn nap if I hadn't had to waste my time with the jury duty thing. I get there at 8:45 and (eventually) talk to the clerk and she says the whole thing was cancelled and pushed back to next week. Great! Fucking great. Fucking fantabulous. Could have been home stroking myself to sleep but the judge decided today would be a good day to ogle jailbait on the Island.

Though at least getting there was pleasant. The day before there was a wildfire somewhere and everything smelled like barbecue all night and most of the day. Gotta love burning mesquite.

Also, that Absolute Dark Knight should be in by the afternoon. Passed through Dallas Tuesday afternoon which means it'll be here when I wake up. WOO!!!!!!!

Can't wait.


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