Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weird day

Gout in my left foot starts kicking my ass.  Can barely walk.  Painkillers are finally kicking in.

Come home, the german shephard is trapped in my bathroom.  How he got trapped in my bathroom is known only to dog and God.

Dog freaked out, shit all over the floor.  No, not on the floor.  On the towels that I leave on the floor.  The degree to which he shit is a mystery.  Maybe a little, it was ground plenty into my towels.  Maybe a lot if he ate it, but he's not known for eating shit.  Must have been in their several hours cause he also pulled the plug out of the shower looking for water.

I got five hours of very fitful sleep.

Notice for jury duty in the mail when I wake up.  Municipal court.  I gotta show up on the 19th.

Strangely, except for the gout, I'm not really bothered by any of this.  Must be all that wine I've been drinking lately.


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