Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

NOVA #11

Cool, not a bad week.

Countdown has left me baffled.  For the past few weeks it's been getting really exciting and now...what the fuck?  Karate Kid is dead by the end of the issue but nothing really interesting happens.

Green Lantern Corps is kinda fillery right now with this Alpha Lantern story.  The story intersects with what's happening in Green Lantern, though, so it has that.  Overall, the last two issues have left me a little cold.  Guy Gardner really needs to be the focus of this title, not some interchangeable aliens that no one gives a shit about.

Nova was pretty sweet.  Slowed down a little this month while Nova chats up Warlock who tells him he can't do shit for him., talk about continuity fuck up.  He died in the beginning of the X-Tinction Agenda story, kinda sorta comes back as an amalgamated character along with (very much dead) Doug Ramsey ("Douglock") in the Phalanx Covenant story.  Then shit gets horribley convoluted and...well, who cares.  Another one of my favorite characters that they've gone and taken a giant shit on.  Thanks, Marvel.  Thanks a bunch.  Okay, well, maybe they haven't fucked it that badly.  Sure, they dropped the Douglock Phalanx look back in favor of the old school 80s Warlock design, but why he is where he's at is lamely explained (also, in X-Force, they're reintroducing Magus which oughtta be fun).  At any rate, the issue itself was pretty good, but it was mostly a lot of exposition explaining this and that with little forward movement.

X-Factor, I've decided, is a soap opera where sweet fuck all actually happens.  Sure, it's pretty well written, but I'm having a hard time giving a shit about any of these characters.   Jaime Madrox knocked up Theresa Cassidy.  Great!  *Yawn*  Needs more Layla Miller.  Why Peter David didn't spend time working that story is beyond me.  Still, it has its moments.  But buying this in single issue format?  Maybe I should stick to TPBs.  I'll be dropping most everything in a couple of months anyway, so that'll be a nonissue.

Punisher, MCP and Booster Gold are gonna have to wait until the morning.

Now as for last week's books, a quick overview.

Buffy - She's gone lezzo!  Man, what a fucking hysterical issue.  Loved it.

Uncanny - Kitty Pryde's dead.  We all saw it coming, cause Joss Whedon was set on killing someone in Astonishing X-Men, but it still sucks.  Like I was saying about Marvel ruining my favorite old school characters?  Well, Kitty Pryde was seemingly immune to this.  So they fucking kill her instead.  Great.  Course, that wasn't the point of the issue.  I'm not sure what was.  Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus get into a bar fight while Angel gets high and Scott and Emma screw a lot.

Green Lantern - Introduction of the Red Lanterns. much else I guess.

X-Force - Pretty good first issue, pretty lame second issue.

Detective - Not bad.  Read it on the shitter mostly.  Character thing with Batman getting a hold of some mysterical armor that sends him a little batty, tries to kill a guy.  Needs more Paul Dini writing.

ClanDestine - Fuck yes!  Old school!  I love every single character in this series.  I love the dialogue.  I love the art.  Alan Davis is my lord and saviour.  The older I get, the more I crave old school comics and this is one.  Also a cameo by the old Claremont/Davis Excalibur team from around the Cross Time Caper story arc.  Why Marvel only publishes a ClanDestine story once every ten or so years is beyond me.  Davis, while not the best writer, can really knock it out of the ballpark when he wants to.  He really brings his characters to life.  They have personality all their own and a complex family dynamic.  Davis creates these characters, gives them traits, throws a situation at them and basically sees how they react.  Nothing feels forced with this series and the story seems to be flowing forward naturally.  More please.


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