Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Avengers volume one

Right, so I've read the first six issues contained in the giant New Avengers hardcover I got in Monday.

So far, so good.  And honestly, the Marvel Universe is starting to make a little more sense.  Guess Brian Michael Bendis really is running the whole show over there.

Anyway, so the team is mostly formed.  Sentry joins in the next story and Ronin looks like he comes in later.  Guess I will be picking up volume two.  The story was fine.  I had no major objections.  It ran kinda slow.  In fact, if I tried picking this up in single issue format I would be cursing Bendis to the heavens.  He's not writing a serialized monthly comic, he's writing GNs and splitting them into 22 page formats.  That's fine if you just pick up the collections, but it sucks for the monthly reader which I am thankfully not (though I did pick up the most recent issue for shits and giggles).  The dialogue is far too self-referential and snappy.  Very Whedon-esque but lacking in the fact that it's not being written by Joss Whedon.  Mind you, I laughed my ass off in quite a few places, but that's cause I'm a dork.  The first six part story could have wrppaed in three or four, but Bendis likes his decompression.  No rush.  He is setting the stage for major future events.  Characters are pretty right on.  Spider-Woman...well, who cares?  Spider-Man makes with the funny and Luke Cage is the Cage presented in Alias.  More of a tough asshole.  Iron Man is definitely Iron Man and  Maybe it's cause he drawn like he has downs sydrome or something, but this Captain America is slightly less then inspiring.

Speaking of the art, the first arc is drawn by Dave Finch who has...what happened?!?!?!?!  Sure, the women all look hot and he's still basically a poor man's Marc Silvestri and all but holy shit it's flashy to the point of incomprehension.  And any charadcter lacking in tits he clearly could care less about.  Why does Cap look like a fucking mongoloid?  Jesus, if not for the token woman that everyone wants to fuck the shit out of this series would fail on the art alone.  Thankfully, Steve McNiven comes in for the second part.  Now his characters are...better.  Slightly.  I don't like his angles.  And...well, shit, it's kinda hard to put my finger on it.  The lips on his characters are all distractingly weird.  He does add a certain "thickness" to everything.  I don't know, maybe it's the fact that he's trying to go for a certain degree of realism that it takes away from that fantasy aspect of it all.  But, I haven't read the story yet.  It does involve the X-Men, beating the shit out of one of the Wrecking Crew and doing some mental clean-up on Sentry who is a scizophrenic as powerful as Superman.  Most importantly it introduces the Illuminati.  Looks cool though.

Overall I'm pleased.  I can see myself picking up the next volume in April.

Now, as for the single issue that I picked up, well, it was okay I suppose but honestly it was something that wasn't worth three bucks for.  It was Luke Cage and his wife Jessica Jones seperating.  That was it.  A break up.  NO action, nothing, just people talking.  Bendis likes people talking.  Talk, talk, talk.  Anyone getting beat?  No, just talking.

This series can absolutely be saved for the collections.


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