Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cable & Deadpool #50

Ya know, most comics end pretty lame.  The 90s JLA for example.  Ended as a prelude to Infinite Crisis.  Lame!

Cable & Deadpool, though just Deadpool by the end, ended pretty well.  Honestly, I don't know why I started reading it to begin with.  It tied in nicely with the events of X-Men #197 - #200 (C&D...41, 42, 43?  Whichever).  Hell, beat the shit out of those issues overall.  But after that it got kinda...tedious.  Some of the crossover stuff with other characters was okay, but by the end I was glad it was over.  The last issue, though, was a gem.  It really needed more of that.  The humor really falls flat.  Deadpool was funniest during the early part of his first series with...well, whoever the hell that writer was.  Joe Kelly!  Thank you Wikipedia.  Then I think Christopher Priest took over.  Then it got canceled and replaced with a title called Agent X (Marvel was tired of paying Rob Liefeld royalties and canceled Deadpool, Cable and X-Force...which are all back).  Agent X was garbage just by looking at it.  This must have bene true for many people, cause Marvel canceled it and brought back Deadpool (Cable, being renamed Soldier X, surely suffered the same problem).  So Deadpool is brought back, teamed with Cable and thus brings us to Cable & Deadpool.  Loved by a diehard cadre of fans (basically 4Chan's /co/), it was lucky to last this long.

Since I was sucked back in to comic collecting by reading /co/ on 4Chan far too many times (and being pissed off by the AICN Assholes characterizations of the titles they read) I jumped back in to collecting.  In essence, I was suckered in by /co/.  Thanks /co/, that's money I'm never getting back.

Um, ya know, maybe I didn't like this series nearly as much as I thought I did.  I think I might have disliked it for the most part.  Goddammit!

Well, last issue was really good though.  Deadpool running around, shooting dinosaurs and being an asshole.  Yeah, that's the stuff that I liked the most.

Daniel Way is supposedly gonna be writing a new Deadpool series.  I have no experience with this guy's writing so I can't say if this is a good thing or not.  All I know is he won't be Joe Kelly, that's for certain.


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