Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wednesday again!

Picked up a few things.

Action Comics #862
Angel: After The Fall #4
Batman #674
Blue Beetle #24
Cable/Deadpool #50
Countdown to Final Crisis 9
Justice Society of America #13
Thor #6
X-Men: Legacy #208

Countdown - Was alright.  Lotsa shit happening now, but it seems this issue was all setup that leads....into the next issue!  Gotta wait for it!  Goddammit, hurry up already!

X-Men: Legacy - Yes, another name change for Adjectiveless.  But this issue surprised the hell out of me.  I don't know why I've been reading Carey's run for so long when all I do is complain about it but this issue he finally brings it.  X-Men: Legacy is now about Professor X after he had his head blown off by Bishop at the end of Messiah Complex.  He was captured by Exodus and the Acolytes and spirited away to a secret location so Exodus could do...well, whatever it is he does.  The issue bounced back and forth between Exodus and his people (drawn by Scott Eaton) and Xavier remembering his past (drawn by John Romita, Jr.).  This was a well done issue and Carey finally impressed me.  I was wondering how interesting an Xavier solo series could possibly be and I was surprised to like it.  The events Xavier remembers are random(ish) while Exodus attempts to put his mind back together (even though he says Xavier's brain is mush thanks to Bishop's bullet).  I was also interested to learn that Xavier is a Korean war vet.  Gotta be a retcon, cause I didn't know this until now.  Lots of moments between Xavier and MacTaggert, Xavier and Cyclops and also the initial formation of the X-Men.  Exodus' role in the story is to serve as a bridge between these more or less disconnected moments.  I think I might have to pick up the next issue.

Captain America - Kind of a disappointment.  After the events of last issue I would think this would have picked up immediately as those SHIELD agents fired on the protesting crowd but instead it's like a day later.  Captain Bucky shows up to help out another rioting crowd being manipulated by spiked bottles of water distributed by the newly capitalist Red Skull.  And I mean he does help out the crowd.  The only folks Cap knocks around are the freakin riot police.  Uh...Cap?  Police not bad guys, okay?  Busting the wrong heads here.  Jesus, Brubaker, put your wannabe anarchism back in the bag!  I can see him writing this issue wearing a V For Vendetta mask, I really can.  Just like Brubaker, though.  Every other issue is good while the inbetween issues are just okay.

Blue Beetle - This series surprises me at times.  This issue was a knock out.  The last issue saw Jaime Reyes lose his scarab and now he's running around bare assed on a Reach starship until he gets a hold of a regulation uniform and a pair of goggles and, oh this was awesome, comes out looking EXACTLY like Ted Kord!  Oooohhhh, I love how this series doesn't ignore everything that came before it like every "updated" superhero title does.  I love these nods to the character's legacy while driving things forward story wise.  At times I think I should drop this title while at other times I wanna fucking frame it.  The storyline itself is on a much smaller scale then it should be (they connected it with Green Lantern for goodness' sakes) but all things considered I'm very pleased with the book.  I gotta re-read the past couple of issues to really remember what the hell is going on but right now I approve.  Next issue is the anniversary issue so I'm expecting lots of big action and...well, just lots!

Haven't read anything else.  Thor has proved an utter disappointment so far.  I'm gonna drop it.  Cable/Deadpool is over with #50.  Well, it's pretty stupid anyway.  JSA is taking its sweet friggin time doing anything.  Geoff Johns can craft fast paced stories and this one is foot tappingly slow in its pacing.  Not to mention it seems to come out on a less then monthly basis.  Angel is good, Action Comics, again by Geoff Johns, is kicking my ass hardcore with the current story.  Batman  is very good too, written by Grant Morrison.  Last issue...what happened last issue?  Think it was  a cliffhanger.  I remember it being excellent shit, but I gotta re-read it.

Between that and The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes I got my lots of reading to do.



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