Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jury Duty

Man, what a waste of time.  Showed up, waited for 25 minutes until the judge showed up and they dicked around for a few more minutes after that before picking six people and releasing the rest of us.

So there were supposed to be three cases.

One was a seatbelt violation.

One was...well I don't know cause the guy didn't show up so the prosecuter asked for a reset date.

The last was some kind of simple assault case but the complainant didn't show up so the case was ultimately dismissed.

So anyway, we all sat around to basically get chosen for this one stupid case involving this one stupid old white woman who half looked like she spent her better years in some white nationalist survivalist group in Wisconsin.  The sides of her head were shaved smooth all around except for having very short hair on top.  She looked like a demented turnip.  She also had these crazy little tattoos around her wrists, of what I wasn't sure as they were small and I was a bit far away.  The prosecutor went down his small list of standard questions he needed to ask to individual prospective jurors, do you live in Harlingen, what do you do for a living, can you be fair and objective...and that was it.  He asked like ten people this.  I was number 14.  WOO!  The woman, representing herself, asked us two things.  First question was do any of us have a problem with the fact that she wasn't Mexican?  I rolled my eyes at this.  It's a seatbelt violation, ya dumb bitch!  Also, did any of us have better things to do.  Uh, gee, well, yeah.  Anyway, then she picked six off the list they gave her and they announced the jury.  And my name wasn't called and I got the fuck outta there.  WOO!  What a glorious waste of time.  I can't believe I wasted gas on that whole trip.  I'd rather have gotten on that jury just to stick that woman with a fine for wasting everyone's time.

Jury selected, names called, the rest of us were dismissed.  Got home at 10:00AM, had a smoke, had a glass of wine, read chapter one of The Dark Knight Returns, then straight to bed.

Hopefully no more jury duty for the next decade.


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