Sunday, March 23, 2008

Did the lawn


Only took my an hour.  Been putting it off forever but now it looks like civilized people live at my house.  For the next couple of weeks.  Goddamn, but I didn't realize how dead it all was.  I mean in really bad shape.  The space between my house and the neighbor's, which has always had the most real grass (as opposed to weeds) is fucking dead.  If it's not gonna rain, I guess I should start watering.  Kicked up a lot of dust and dirt too.  My glasses were already needing cleaning but shortly after starting I could barely tell if I was going in straight lines or not.  Ah well, right now all that matters is it's done!  Done, done, done!

Now I just gotta do the back.

Anyway, got a couple of new bottles of wine again.  As usual, a red and a white.  Finally got a shiraz!  Yellow Tail shiraz, which is what my brother-in-law usually has.  Looks good.  The white I got was one I've already had before, a Fetzer chardonnay.  Whites are okay, but they just don't do it for me like the reds.  I do remember liking chardonnay though, so I'm going back to square one with the whites.

And did I mention my front yard is done?  Thank God!

So anyway, finally starting 1776 by McCullough.  I tried Friday night but it was an aborted attempt.  I couldn't concentrate and was pretty sleepy.  Picked up Grendel and New Avengers instead.  Tonight feels better though.

Listening to the new Disturbed single on KNAC right now.  It's...okay.  Melodic, needless to say.  It seems kind of unlike Disturbed at least until towards the end.  I've always liked Disturbed, thought they were a fairly competent post-numetal band.  Still, now they seem to be latching on to metalcore a bit.  Hmmm....Not that I own any of their albums, though I keep meaning to buy one (have heard the first album).  Everything I heard from their last release was tight.  This one...mmmmmm, I dunno.

Speaking of new singles I dig the new Testament.  Again, another band that sounds too "metal mainstream" but it's a kick ass song once it settles in.  More Than Meets The Eye is the title.  Transformers was last summer, guys.  Paul Bostaph does a good job on drums thankfully.  That's what makes their The Gathering Album kick so much ass was Dave Lombardo's destroying his kit and your ears.  Motherfucker of an album.

Speaking of music I haven't bought any new music since Chrsitmas.  I want to buy more Keneally, finally get some Andy McKee and the new Testament and Children of Bodom, but I just...fucking...can't!  Books and DVDs, man, that's where I'm at.  And even less DVDs and more books.  Words!

Alright, better get some reading done.  Haven't hit up LGF in a couple of days and I need to see how the world is going to hell.


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