Friday, March 21, 2008

Books so far

First the good.

The Incredible Hercules - Goddamn, why must this book get better with every issue?  There's this moment with Herc and his brother Ares fighting on top of an antiquated SHIELD helicarrier, missiles flying at them, and somehow Greg Pak gets this cool little moment in with Ares wondering why Herc, who was this drunken womanizing shit back in the day, gets all the glory while Ares, a god of war who can lead nations to empire and men to greatest glory, get pissed on.  It was just right on.  Herc's reply was good without being corny just before he throws Ares off the carrier into a couple of missiles.  Sweet!  Amadeus Cho, an impetuous little prick, gets schooled and coming out better for it.  This and Nova are like the two best titles Marvel's publishing right now.

Death of the New Gods - The big reveal on who the killer is was kinda lame.  The Infinity Man?  Who the fuck is that?  Should have let it be Himon.  That would have been more interesting, at least I know who that is.  Of course, at this point it wasn't important.  What was important was the reveal earlier that the Source itself was directing these events and it finally succeeded in its mission this issue, to recombine with it's other half.  Mister Miracle and Metron are killed towards the story's end. Superman, who was knocked out after the destruction of the Source Wall, wakes up to see Miracle and Metron dead, takes off to hunt the Infinity Man.  The only New God left now is Darkseid.  The issue ends with a stand off between Darkseid and the Source.  The ending looks to kick some ass.

Thor - Honestly, it could have been better.  The art by Marko Djurdjevic, however, was excellent.  The story is meant for hardcover collections which means it's dragging ass.  Not to say it was bad, but if it's all for the HCs why am I buying the single issues?  The story centers around Thor entering the Odinsleep after the events of the last issue, resurrecting the Norse Gods and repopulating Asgard (which is now in the middle of Kansas).  So, totally wasted, he needs to recover.  When he enters his...what is that, a coffin?  When he gets in and the chamber is sealed his alter ego, Don Blake, suddenly appears.  Straczynski, being the egotistical asshole that he is, decides to show off and somehow insert quantum physics as the explanation dropping Schroedinger and his cat, half dead, half alive...dude, just say magic, okay!  Magic, magic is the answer, it's a fucking comic!  Geez...anyway, so Thor, being half dead, reunites with Odin, who's totally dead and fighting Surtur.  Odin tells him the story of how Thor is destined to let Odin remain dead cause that's what he did with his own dad.  It was an okay story, like I said, but nothing happens.  Absolutely one for the collections.

Now for the bad...

Justice League - Pointless.  Seems villains are being sent off to some prison planet.  Whoops, they aren't getting there.  Cause if they were this would probably interfere with Salvation Run.  Oh, and Batman sends Martian Manhunter over there.  When this happens, I don't know.  Whoops, they don't find him and face off against some asshole I didn't know about before now.  Who wrote this?  Alan Burnett...well, it sucked Alan.  Good job.

Countdown - Garbage.  Told from the point of view from some Cadmus asshole that I never heard of.  The main characters of the series mope about before being attacked by a giant tapeworm looking thing nesting in the still very dead body of Karate Kid.  And this virus has spread all over the world now.  And, still, no one remembers any of our heroes.  Six issues to go and there's no way in hell the story can recover at this point.  Um...can I get my money back?  The series started okay, went downhill, got really good for a while and now has finally taken a shit and died.  How is any of this shit relevent to Final Crisis?  Death of the New Gods seems relevent, JSA is relevent, this shit is just killing me.

This just leaves me to finish Warbound and Grendel.  Warbound has been a bit "meh" but Grendel is fuckwin.

Time for a smoke.


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