Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grendel, Warbound, New Avengers

So I read the last two books I got.

Grendel - Felt fillery again.  It mostly dealt with Hunter Rose meeting with some Haitian voodoo priest guy to pull together something to fight off the demon haunting him.  Also, tits.  It adanced things just enough but the series has hit a small slump the past two issues.  Only one Christina Spar diary entry to shed more light on the character of Hunter Rose.  I really like those entries.  Too many can be tedious but one doesn't make things interesting enough.  Still, the bit at the beginning with Grendel cutting up those zombies was cool shit.

Warbound - Surpisingly good read.  Some plot hole action going, but there was this one moment involving the giant rock monster, Korg, and what seemed to be...well, a slight whiff of...homoeroticism?  Seriously, he told Hiroim, a dude who can manipulate earth, he wanted to uh...have uh...little uh...rock babies with him.  But it's not gay, cause apparently it all involves holding hands in a pool of molten magma.  Not gay!



But it shows that Korg is the character with the most, uh...depth.

New Avengers - Finally picked up the second half of that hardcover.  S'alright.  Honestly, I am interested enough in picking up the second volume to see where everything else goes.  Bendis spent ten issues basically doing nothing but set up, so I wanna see what happens when the story atually kicks into gear.  If it does.  The story was about the Sentry and they finally introduce him into  proper Marvel continuity.  Honestly, I would have liked to see more action with the Wrecker.  Wrecking Crew?  Totally bad ass.  Seriously bad ass.  Any story that has them doing nothing but kicking ass is a good one.  Once that comes to a close and the story launches headlong into the Sentry plot, it slows down.  Too many characters get involved.  In an Avengers title, I don't wanan see an X-Men character take the lead.  But it was okay.  McNiven's art was also passable.  Takes a slight dip in quality later on but if anyone is gonna do the "widescreen" style it might as well be him.

Okay, back to work.


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