Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Ron Paul.

Was considering voting Hillary cause of my extreme dislike of Obama but I have no intention of voting Democrat in the general election so I decided against it.  With Giuliani and Thompson out, there was no point in voting for either of them.  Ron Paul is at least still technically in the game.  Also, since he is a libertarian, I might as well vote based on that fact alone.  Maybe some party bosses down the line will realize that libertarians are an honest to God voting bloc willing to vote for the party and act accordingly.  Maybe.  Maybe I'll win a million dollars and fuck off to a cabin deep in the Alaskan wilderness.

Almost voted Democrat by accident though.  Went to the polls, got in (a) line and handed the woman at the table my shit before I realized they only had one set of ballots.  I asked and they pointed me towards the right place.  Follow the signs they said.  Whoops!  Yeah, gotta watch for them signs.  When I got to the Republican poll they asked me if I did in fact want to vote Republican.  Would have been nice if they asked that at the other end.  But Whatever.  Filled out the one field though and nothing else.  Most other candidates were running unopposed except for three that I hadn't been following.  Then filled out the three poll questions on the back.  Voter ID?  Yes.  Enforcement of immigration law at all levels?  You betcha.  Ther was one other one about limiting spending increases to population growth and inflation except for in emergencies.  Hell, I was on a roll so I said yes to that too (though I should have left it blank).

Put my ballot in the machine and thus ended my patriotic duty for Flying Spaghetti Monster  Ppfffttttt!!!!!!  Sheit.

After that I went home, took Mom out to breakfast and saw her off as she went to Killeen.  The Dear Sister is finally getting towards finishing her friggin PhD.  Best educated housewife in the world, I tell ya.


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