Friday, March 28, 2008

Shoot me now

Ordered some shit on Amazon.

Was originally thinking, ya know, a couple of Grendel collections and a softcover edition of the complete Mage: The Hero Defined series.

And then I saw it.  I saw it and the heavens parted.

Yeah, the hardcover version of The Hero Defined.

Oh...Hell yes!

Now, I just got the one item, and technically I spent a touch less,'s the friggin hardcover!  Damn, a series like this you don't go for some flimsy softcover, nosiree!

Slight concern...this shares the same ISBN as another altogether different Image series.  I hope that this is indeed Mage and not some dumb Jim Mahfood series.  Intersting to note that when I ordered it listed one copy left whereas now the availability is listed as three to five weeks.  Damn, Amazon works fast!


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