Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So if I can just...

...Babble on a little more about Scrapped Princess.

Oh my GOD!

Okay, there's this one moment in volume three, episode 12.  The mysteries have all been laid out for us.  We now know the exact reason why Pacifica is being hunted down to be killed.  It's totally at odds with the swords and sorcery angle.  It's kind of hinted at prior to this that the series takes place far in the future after an apocalyptic war destroys everything and sets mankind back several thousand years.  It's noticed in the way some characters talk.  It's noticeable when the magic wielding characters use their spells.  There was one great scene in episode 10 where two characters are talking magic stuff around what's clearly a nuclear bomb (lit up for effect).  But I digress...So Zephiris, this magical/technological entity is explaining why Pacifica is so important and why her "Guardians" are who they are.  They talk about implanting a gene in the human race that expresses itself in certain people who will then become compelled to protect the title character.  Shannon obviously gets pissed off but for all the wrong reasons and starts shouting something about destiny and fate and how they can't control his.  What I thought was so wonderful about this moment was that any other writer would just brush this off thinking that it doesn't matter if the character, a sort of Middle Ages primitive, can understand it or not.  In this show they try, fail or completely misunderstand and are forced to reinterpret it in a way that fits their understanding of the world.  I saw this, and I thought it was freakin fantastic!  Like I said, I've been getting burned quite a bit this past year with my collection.  Been getting too much bad shit.  And this little show comes around and reminds me exactly why I collect this stuff.  So many excellent moments and so many well written characters.

So with that I intend to go home, throw on disc four and...oh, shit!  I didn't buy any wine this past week.  Damn, this is exactly the kind of show that a glass or two of red wine would make even better.  Blast!

Also, I'm nearly done with that David McCullough book, 1776.  Very good!  Man, I knew George Washington wasn't that good of a general but I didn't realize he fucked up so badly in the beginning!  Wow, it seems if it weren't for Britain seeming lack of drive to really reclaim their colonies, we'd be like Canada or something.  We'd have never won.  Too bad this book only covers the year of 1776, because now I definitely gotta look in to getting something that covers the rest in decent detail.


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