Sunday, April 06, 2008

Scrapped Princess

Ya know, it seems the past year I've been getting burned with the anime I've been watching.

Shingu sucked.

Blue Sub 6 sucks.

Aoi & Mutsuki sucked.

Mars Daybreak sucked.

It seems by and large I've been seeing nothing but crap.  Planetes was good, but the characters were grating on my nerves.  Daybreak had good animation but the story blew.  Shingu had great animation, excellent character designs but no story and lame characters.  Aoi and Mutsuki, sequel to the lighthearted and excellent Space Pirate Mito, had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Blue Sub...well, you already know my thoughts on that one.  All the rest that I've bought has been shit I've had for years on VHS and needed to add into my DVD collection or Detective Conan which I've already been a fan of for quite some time.  The last two collections I got in the mail were the Big O collections, a series I'm already well acquainted with.  There's nothing else really grabbing my interest.

Last year I bought the Scrapped Princess complete collection.  Got a really good deal, too.  I've had it for about a year and never got around to watching it cause I still got a ton of DVDs that I haven't watched.  I finally got around to it this morning.

I am in love!

The series is basically a swords and sorcery tale.  The main character is Pacifica Casull, a girl apparently destined to bring about the end of the world on her 16th birthday.  She was supposed to have been killed after she was born (thus the moniker the scrapped princess) but apparently she was saved.  Now she's running around with her adoptive brother, Shannon, and sister, Raquel, running away from the main sombitch who wants to kill her in the name of their god so prevent the end of the world.  Her sister is a bit of a ditz but wields powerful magic while her brother is a reluctant and cool yet highly skilled swordsman.  Pacifica herself is a bratty 15 year old kid.  I love it.

The animation is smooth and clean.  The character designs by Takahiro Komori are pretty straightforward for anime (according to Wikipedia he did the designs for Cowboy Bebop).  The characters are very expressive and this is what has impressed me the most.  So many series idea of expression is having the characters tell the audiance what they're feeling.  This series, thankfully, doesn't assume the viewer is a total moron.  The animators and writers let the visuals do the work.  So what we have is a very nice, very well put together show approaching actual emotional depth.  This is what I've always loved about shows like Tenchi Muyo.  I'm six episodes in and this series is just getting better.

Thank God, cause I was starting to think there was no good anime anymore.  And you can only watch Macross Plus or Fatal Fury so many times before you want something new.  I'm only six episodes in to a 24 episode series but I think this show is exactly what I needed.


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