Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hitchhiker's Guide Movie


Very cute.  Very funny.  Haven't read the book yet but it's very evident that the movie pales by comparison.  Still, I liked it a great deal.

Knocked back the rest of that bottle of Il Bastardo (of which there was a great deal left) while I was watching it too.  That helped I think.  And I'll tell you what, after drinking all that I slept like a baby.  A baby!  Note to self, drink more.

But here's how crappy my viewing habits are.  The movie itself is 107 minutes long.  After loading the DVD, it started playing about 7:40.  I was done with it by 9:45.  Very hard not to get up in the middle and piddle about in the kitchen for a couple of minutes, take my time in the can imagine how long it takes me to watch the director's cut of Return of the King.

But I digress.  Aside from the fact that only the one guy had an English accent (Mos Def didn't even try, did he?) I thought it was a winner.  The girl was good looking, Marvin was cool, the effects were cool, the monster designs were GREAT!  Monsters are all CGI these days, but they went with the big puffy costumes.  Love it.  What was it called, the Improbability Drive?  Oh, fucking hysterical!

Yeah, I can't wait to read the book now.  I was gonna read John Adams next, but I think maybe I'll read at least the first book of Hitchhiker's instead.


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