Friday, April 04, 2008

Them re-views

Here we go!

Action Comics #863 - Loved it.  Very satisfying conclusion to the Legion story.  Nothing world shattering, nothing that'll alter the course of the title for years upon years until Final Infinite Crisis of Seriously Infinite Doom is forced to altar events so Superman was sans cape.  Superman goes to the future, gets fucked, runs around, gets awesome, beats down assholes and looks awesome.

Angel #5 - I'm done.  Ya know, I only jumped on this series cause I thought it was a five part story.  Not only is it not but the next three issues are going to depart from the currently unfinished story to detail events immediately following LA becomes another layer of Hell.  It's a good enough title, there's some nice moments, but I just felt jerked around.  Picked up #5 at the competition cause Andy still hadn't gotten it in.  In fact, the competition already had #6.  Didn't bother with it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13 - Drew Goddard is my God!  Seriously, last issue was awesome enough but this issue keeps with the theme of serious awesomeness.  Xander visits Dracula, becomes his bitch.  Again.  This shit had me smiling from ear to ear.

ClanDestine #3 - And lo, the story is driven ever forward.  Excellent art, solid writing, a revisit with the original Excalibur team...Man, I love Alan Davis.  He has a lot going on, I hope he has enough time to wrap it up.  Only two more issues left!

Countdown #4 - Crap.  Oh, oh, a reconstituted Earth #51, which was blown to smithereens earlier in the series, was featured the last two issues!  Oh, yeah, that makes sense!  Pain.  Horrible pain.  Please God, let it end.  Oh, and for no apparent reason that I can surmise, Black Mary Marvel is back.

Detective Comics #843 - While Paul Dini is writing shit on Countdown, his writing in Detective is absolute fuckwin!  Zatanna comes back for another cameo after having her shit ruined by the Joked a few issues back.  Penguin makes an appearance and the...fucking...little dummy guy, whatshisname...well, the chick with the evil gangster dummy comes back.  They shoot up a new bar and take Bruce Wayne hostage.  Awesome.  Prior to that is a simple, intimate moment between Zatanna and Bruce at the bar.  Zatanna, when she had her throat slit by the Joker, was tended to by Bruce afterwards while she recovered so what we see is this sweet moment of Zatanna seeing if she can possibly crack open Bruce's shell a tiny bit.  It made the book for me.  Why Paul Dini can write that in Detective and then hand us a steaming pile of shit with Countdown is beyond me.

Secret Invasion #1 - Honestly, I never originally intended to pick this book up.  I decided to because...well, why not?  I didn't expect a whole lot out of it actually.  In fact, it starts off fairly uneventfully, just the characters probing into the Skrull infiltration mystery while a Skrull ship crash lands in the Savage Land.  After the New and Mighty Avengers race towards it, then shit kicks into high gear.  Fucking Skrulls start their plans and we some serious shit go down.  The desctruction of SWORD's orbital platform.  The Baxter Building sucked into the Negative Zone.  Another Helicarrier going down (that's been happening a lot lately).  Tony Stark trapped in his armor while a virus causes it to malfunction around him violently.   Finally the surprise ending when Luke Cage pries open the Skrull spaceship.  Now, don't mind me if I call bullshit on the surprise ending, but I still thought the issue was a winner.  Once events started kicking into high gear, it was a pretty good read.  I'm still torn on whether or not I want to continue reading it or wait until the hardcover comes out, but I approved heartily.

Overall, a better week then I had anticipated.  Countdown is still proving to be a massive pile of fail, sadly, but Detective and Secret Invasion being as good as they were pretty much made my week.

Also, finally got that Mage book in the mail.  Yes, it was indeed the right edition.  Mail order can be tricky business, but Amazon clearly has their shit straight.  But lemme tell you it looks beautiful!  Looks like I'm going to have to start from the very beginning with Mage: The Hero Discovered before I start reading The Hero Defined again.


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