Monday, March 31, 2008

And I quote...

Going to Target in the morning for a few minor things.  Some naproxin sodium (that generic Aleve shit), some toothpaste, some bits and bobs.  I'm not expecting to spend more then $20 bucks but who am I kidding, right?  Oh look, a coffee grinder, can't do without that!  *Insert sound of checking account weeping*

And brother did I make my checking account weep.  Spent $84 bucks this morning.  $84 fucking dollars?!?!?!?!?!  Someone stop me before I debit again!

So yeah, I got the naproxin.  Got the toothpaste.  Got some bits and bobs.  Got a book for mom.  Got a*Sob*

The book I got for mom was some James Patterson book.  I also got her some new salt and pepper shakers that she has been wanting.  She also grabbed these little tiny decorative pots to plant some little herbs in and a card.  She also grabbed a card.

Oh God, they had a bunch of Cadbury Creme Eggs on sale for like $0.19 cents for a pack of four.  So like an idiot I got two packs of creme, two packs of caramel creme and two packs of orange creme.  Six packs of friggin Cadbury's for like a buck!

The DVDs I grabbed...oh God, I suck...but they were super cheap.  The first one I grabbed was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Ya know what, I never saw the movie in the theater.  It was $10 bucks.  I was weak.  And in my weakened state, I turned around and saw the movie I figure I should watch cause, ya know, I'm trying to be the whitest man I can be.  It was $7 bucks.  Sideways.  Yep.  Looks like I'm watching it in the morning when I get home.

Also got me a pair of new pajama bottoms to putter around in.  My other two pairs are sadly tortured by age.  They have these giant tears running from the crotch to the knee.  It's horrible.  So, seeing as how this pair was on sale for like seven bucks, I got 'em.  Now when I putter I look like a half civilized, half sane human being.  Hooray!

Then, cause mom needed Dr. Peppers, I grabbed a couple of 24 packs from Walmart.  It's either pay $4 bucks a 12 pack at HEB or $6 bucks a 24 pack at Walmart.  So I got two 24 packs.  Now I won't have to bother for a month.

And, I think I'm forgetting a thing or two, but that about covers it.  Jesus, $84 fucking dollars.  I hang my head in shame.

It's like I can't go to Target anymore and only get the things I need.  I end up getting a bunch of shit that just don't need getting now (maybe later but certainly can be put off).  It's a sickness I tells ya.  Sure, the naproxin and the toothpaste and toiletpaper were necessary.  The salt and pepper shakers were something that could be put off but mom has been putting them off forever so I got 'em now.  The pajama bottoms, well, I could have certainly have put those off.  The DVDs and book were totally unnecessary.  Right there was, like, $24 bucks easily.  Nevermind the Cadbury's...


Well, whatever.  By August I'm not gonna have room to spend on stupid crap so I might as well enjoy myself I suppose.

Oh, tried that Cafe Du Monde stuff tonight.  Man, that's some really good coffee!  I guess it's the chickory perhaps?  I don't know, but it was the best cup I've had since I started drinking coffee on a regular basis.  Mmmmmm, damn good stuff!


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