Sunday, March 30, 2008


Il Bastardo sangiovese and a Yellow Tail chardonnay.

Also needed coffee and was unsure what to get so I ended up getting some of this Cafe Du Monde stuff.  Looks good.  Even has a recipe for a cafe au lait.  Huh.  Even got a couple of those small packs of that HEB coffee...whatever it's case I need to take a little something with me to work.  Grab one of those, my little french press, and I'm good.

Goddamn, spent way too much at the store.  It's the wine.  I always try to seperate out the bullshit from the necessities but with wine it always gets mixed in with the necessities so my costs in that area seem inflated.

Going to Target in the morning for a few minor things.  Some naproxin sodium (that generic Aleve shit), some toothpaste, some bits and bobs.  I'm not expecting to spend more then $20 bucks but who am I kidding, right?  Oh look, a coffee grinder, can't do without that!  *Insert sound of checking account weeping*

Did get my copy of The Big O II in the mail today.  Awesome.  What a fantastic series.  Now to sit down and watch them.

Speaking of anime, I around to watching my copy of Blue Sub 6.


What a total waste of money.

It starts off well enough.  I mean it's a four episoide OVA series so I'm not expecting a whole helluva lot out of it character wise (though Macross Plus was also four episodes and still kicks supreme ass).  Hell, I just want some cool sci-fi action, right?  And it starts out decently enough.  The characters are fairly cliche.  Ya got the hot female pilot looking to recruit a disenfranchised but ridiculously talented ex-pilot for a war on this scientist guy and his army of  And she initially faisl in her task but after an attack on the port Blue Six is at, the dude gets an board and there we go.

Animation was top notch.  It's ten years old and the CGI doesn't blend well with the 2-D animation but it never usually does.  Still, it's well done all things considered.  The animation is pretty smooth and the action is pretty cool.

The rest SUCKS!  Seriously, the male lead is a complete waste of time.  He's introduced as the bad ass of all bad asses and he spends all his time fucking moping.  Then around episode three we understand the reason for his emoness is because he's always had better people save his ass and die.  Wait, what?  But this guy is supposed to be a hotshot?  Fuck that!  Instead we get some emo faggot who becomes infatuated with the evil scientist bad guy and some bare tittied mutant mermaid.  The fuck?  And it just gets stupider.  After confronting evil mad scientist guy and being given some condescending bullshit holier than thou nonsense ("yeah, I flooded the world and killed billions, but how is it my fault really?"  No shit, that was his argument.) our heroes just walk off while the bad guy dies off screen.  Satisfied yet?  Wait, there's more!  Then emo faggot gets his ass handed to him by some andogynous mutant shark who only gives up out of frustration and swims off with the bare tittied mutant mermaid.  THEN he justy sits there like some douchebag faggot bleeding profusely and smoking a cigarette while the hot female pilot just sorta staring at him...I don't know...impressed?  It's supposed to be a love connection?  Honestly, these characters are so morally vacuous that I can't tell.  She wants him to *feel* her love vibes!  Words are not enough!  Her sucking gasps of wide eyed awe should speak volumes to her love vibes!  FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This show was a moral abomination.  Horrible.  Fucking horrible.

There were some interesting characters.  The captain of Blue Six.  Cool guy, needed more of him.  The little psychic girl?  What was up with her?  More plz.  Emo faggot was an emo faggot and thus fails the test of life.  Really, the moment they introduced him I was hoping he would make himself an hero (as they say) and end it there.  Terrible character.  Terrible characters.  Evil villain mad scientist guy was okay, but the fact no one called him on his shit just sort of makes him the good guy by default.  The fact that he didn't destroy the world in the end was a disappointment cause, farnkly, that world sucked bad and needed to die by nuclear fire.  Man, that would've ruled so hard.  Bu the director was a pussy so instead we have the sopping wet vaginal orifice style ending that just makes me sad that I spent money on this series.  Thank God for The Big O.  That series is made of win and 90s era Batman animated series.  God bless.


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