Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wally West is back!

They brought back Wally West!  Wally West is the Flash again!


Brad Meltzer is my new favorite writer of anything.

Allegedly, in Flash #13, Bart Allen dies.  Andy didn't have any copies left, however.  I'll call the Competition and see if they have extras but I might have to get Andy to reorder me a copy.

This is fantastic.  The Flash is like only one of two of DC's iconic heroes that they ever got right in his monthly title.  Since Barry Allen died long before I ever started reading comics Wally West was always the Flash I grew up with.  When they, more or less, offed him in Infinite Crisis I was kinda pissed.  And to be replaced by Impulse?  That...sucked.  Impulse was cool, but only when he was Impulse.  His evolution into Kid Flash?  No opinion.  As the Flash?  Fuck that!  Bad idea.  Just a very very bad idea.  (Mind you I wouldn't kill him, I would just turn him back into Impulse.)  Now that Wally West is back and in the Justice League all is (almost) right with the world.

Now all they gotta do is make Kyle Rayner a regular Green Lantern again, cause that Ion stuff is bullshit.

What was I saying about DC only getting two of their iconic characters right in their own titles?  Well, most of DC's major heroes, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, well they're all considered iconic bad asses.  However, reading their individual books is generally a painful experience.  Superman is sometimes bad ass but usually just so-so.  Batman?  Great in JLA, boring in his own books.  Plus they come up with some dumb shit a lot of times as well.  Wonder Woman?  Never!  They have never gotten this character right.  Maybe once in the 90s during the so called Bad Girl era of comics but that's it.  Bitch has like one villain, the rest is garbage.  They shoulda kept Donna Troy as Wonder Woman, that would have made things more interesting.  But I digress.  Anyway, the only two characters that live up to their potential in their own titles as well as Justice League are the Flash and Green Lantern.  Those two are, by and large, the best DC characters.  The problem?  I think it's cause the Big Three are too multi-media.  They're iconic characters not because of the comic stories they've been in but because of the movies and TV shows they've been in.  Everyone is familiar with the Wonder Woman on TV, the Batman on TV and in movies and the same goes for Superman.  The comics are by and large an afterthought.  The Flash and Green Lantern?  While there was a Flash TV series for a brief time the character has mostly existed in comic form, and Green Lantern hasn't had a single thing so far as I know (not counting the cartoons which are far more respectful of the source material).  I suppose that maybe cause they have less to live up to they're allowed to breathe a lot more?  That sounds almost right.

Hal Jordan is Green Lantern again and Wally West is the Flash again.  DC is knocking some great shit out these days.