Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kill whitey!

Alright, I'm stoked. Let's go kill some white people! Oh, but wait, maybe not now. The machines seem to be plotting.

Mmmmm, yeah, machine take over of the planet. See, that's just not optimal for me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sweet, new Megadeth single!

Gears of War

I don't think it's a finished version production wise, but it sounds pretty good. Some folks on the Mike Portnoy board said it sounded like Countdown era 'Deth. I dunno, maybe towards the ending but not so much. I'd have to give it more listens but I think they might be close. Like a cross between Cowntdown and Youthanasia. Maybe. Heavy, but not thrashy. It's a shame Dave couldn't keep Poland on board, though. Goddamn, that guy really turned System into a motherfucker of an album.

Seems United Abominations is shaping up to be a good album. On the level of System? I dunno. I'm not getting my hopes up that high, really. It should be pretty enjoyable, regardless. Megadeth albums have a fairly unique feel with a clear evolution. However, due to fan demand, The World Needs A Hero proved to be a jarring departure from Risk when Mustaine tried to return the band to a thrashier sound. After that, the band entered a fairly chaotic time (Megadeth was ended briefly) but things did, thankfully, get back on track with The System Has Failed so hopefully this album will continue back along a more logical evolutionary path.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Awesome movie! I saw it Sunday night and, judging from what I saw, it was the best of the James Bond movies that I've seen (nevermind I only saw the first three Pierce Brosnan Bonds).

Alas, about forty minutes into it my bowels went apeshit and I missed a sizeable portion of the film. Damn shame, the second half would been better had I known what the hell was going on. Still, great action scenes. The chase in the beginning was very exciting with some nice (not so) subtle use of wire-fu action. Daniel Craig (or whatever his bloody name is) really did well by the role. The media's constant character assassination pretty much proves that they know jack shit. Craig isn't Connery, but he's definitaly better then Brosnan (who was great in Goldfinger...not so much in the three that followed).

I got home and watched part of Die Another Day. Comparing that and Casino Royale is like comparing a chicken fried steak to a Big Mac. Bond is best when it's not all about gadgets and cars and snappy one liners and various and assorted nonsense. Die Another Day was like watching a comic book on film. Way too out there. Casino Royale seems like it could have almost actually happened. Lots of cool spy shit, lots of straight ahead action, not a lot of stuff requiring a complete suspension of disbelief, ya know? I mean, it's an action movie, yeah, but Die Another Day had a guy who couldn't sleep wearig gloves that gave him super powers ferchrisssakes. A complete lack of that in Casino Royale, thankfully.

And that's exactly where they need to take the Bond franchise. Less gadgetry, moer intrigue and ass whippins.

Of course Bond seems to be best when they're introducing new actors to the role. Pierce Brosnan kicked ass in Goldfiner. Craig kicked ass in Casino Royale. Hell, the first one, Dr. No made Ayn Rand cream herself, so that speaks volumes. Maybe they should do limits. Instead of keeping actors on indefinitaly, they should do no more then two. Keep things fresher that way. Or maybe introduce some continuity. Make the movies as two parters or trilogies instead of one off movies.

But I do go on.

In short, great movie. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A classic

A stupid Japanese ad but...

...Is that girl not just the cutest?

That little look she gives when she says, "Cho ta mo ta ne," is just...well, damn, no, I'm gonna get gay if I go on.

Things you shouldn't do out of pools

PMS survival tips

Oh Christ

Yeah, can you imagine how many imitators this'll spawn?

It's official

I am now an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.

This is to confirm that

Robert Munoz

has been ordained as a minister of the
Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Date of Ordination: 11/23/2006

by Kevin Andrews, Pastor

Your request for ordination has been processed, and you are now an
ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in Modesto,
California! Please record the above date of ordination for your
records, as you may need this information in the future to fill out
the various forms of the clergy. If you were ordained previously,
the above date will constitute a valid date upon which you were
RE-ordained. Ordination is for life, without price, and without
question of your specific beliefs. You do not need to pay any
tithe, donation, or offering of any kind, now or in the future.

Ordinations are individually reviewed and forwarded to Universal Life
Church International Headquarters in Modesto, California, where it
will be recorded in the permanent church records.

As a minister, you are authorized by the church to perform the rites
and ceremonies of the church (except circumcision), including
weddings, funerals, baptisms and blessings, subject to the laws of
your country, state, or locality. Prior to conducting any civil
ceremony (such as marriages), you should know and comply with the
laws pertaining to your area of jurisdiction.

You are entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally offered to
members of the clergy.

Your commitment is to always do the right thing. It is your
responsibility to peacefully and sincerely determine the right course
of action, and to avoid infringing on the rights of others. You
alone are responsible for your actions as a minister.

God bless America!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Canadian piracy

in Everquest.

Fucking Japs!

Does anyone else get the urge to smoke some dope while playing Mario Bros?

The Final Countdown

Best version you'll ever hear!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ya know what helps deal with a cold?


Got my box in today from Rightstuf. Sweet! I was kinda surprised to find Rightstuf had packaged two orders in one box. Not that they haven't done it once before, but that was with a really tiny order. It occured to me this morning they might do that. I was thinking why, when I got both shipping confirmations at the same time, one had a valid USPS tracking number and the other didn't. And lo, I was right! I was kinda screwed in a way though. Rightstuf offers free shipping for any order over $49 dollars. Well, the combined order was $70 some odd dollars. However, one part of the shipment represented an order that did not qualify for free shipping. So I got stiffed for shipping. No matter, I take advantage of those policies all the time. The other item represented part of an order with like ten items and was a hundred and...well a lot. Anyway, the item itelf was only about $23 bucks or so and the rest of that order was sent in shipments of like one or two volumes at a time. All with free shipping. Man, I am one one freakin canny consumer.

So where was I? Right! Swag!

The Fullmetal Alchemist movie set looks really good. It's the special edition with bonus disc and hardcover booklet. I thought the book was seperate but it's actually part of the package and layed out like the booklets that came with each volume of the TV series. After that it's all bundled in a slipcase and looks tight. There's a series of picture cards too. It harkens back to the postcard fad amongst distributors. They would release postcards as bonuses with videos that no one would ever actually send. This is a little more honest I guess.

Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki volume three comes in a very nice looking tin collector's case and is fucking sweet! I've been disappointed by the series overall but at least it'll be a handsome disappointment now. I still need to watch the final episode so here's hoping it wraps up well.

Case Closed comes in a standard chipboard box with a design reminiscent of the season one box. It collects "cases" two and three across four volumes which is cool. This volume collects some of my favorite early episodes of the series. The series still did mostly stand alone episodes at this point but there is a two parter which I like involving a murder at a reunion. It's one of the better stories in the early episodes that attempts to give one of the goofier characters a little more depth and works really well.

Awesome. I'm coughing, hacking, wheezing, congested, can hardly breathe and my back hurts but this more than makes up for things. Also I gotta love Rightstuf for shipping two of those DVDs a week early before their release dates. Beats the living hell out of retail!

Fucking Google!

Julie has discovered the blog.

Hi Julie!

Damnable printer!

Okay, that printer pissed me off for the last time!

We all use the computer on the left side (behind of) of the desk as our primary computer. It's right there, it's's our computer number one. Unfortunately this also means the most problems are gonna happen around this station. Or rather I should so with the printer. It does the most work so it'll eventually fuck up, you know how it goes.

For the past few weeks I've had to deal with at least one or two jams over the course of a night. Not a big deal, really, but over the last week I've had to deal with...with...well I don't have enough fingers and toes to count on. But it's been jamming a lot! The fucking thing! I've had it! Screw it, either I spend lots of time talking with tech support in hopes they send us a new one but deal with all sorts of troubleshooting bullshit that gets me nowhere or I do the next best thing and switch it out with the printer used the least. That's right, pull the little bastard out, unplug here and there, and one switcheroo later I have a brand new printer up front. Sweet!

I did put them side to side and make a few comparisons though. There were a few bits and bobs that seemed out of placed in the back so I reattached them. A couple of small springs were missing from the shit printer. I have no idea what they do, but I don't imagine they were absolutely essential. Well, hopefully the shit printer will be fine in the back. Hell, if it's used more often then I think I guess they'll just have to call tech support and replace it. I'll let them deal with it.

But what kills me is that these printers were part of a systems upgrade we got in May. Upgrade. Jesus, these printers have felt like a downgrade since we got 'em. The printers were used to have were fine and dandy and worked wonderfully. Had some problems in the beginning with them but after a while they worked flawlessly. These are just big and ugly and take up too much space.

Ah well, could be worse I suppose. We could be perpetually out of ink and paper like we used to be.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, think I'm feeling better

For a second I thought I was coming down with the flu. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. I'm taking some antibiotics for an infection on my toe so maybe that helped alleviate things?

Anyway, the worst part of all this has been the fact my lower back has been hurting like hell. Well, not so much anymore, I did take some aspirin and Dayquil, but it did suck incredibly. No more light headedness, thankfully. I can deal with everything else but that shit kills me. Okay, maybe the aching back wasn't the worst. No matter, I do feel better. I thought that was gonna turn out worse, but I suppose it can still go that way, right?

Well, hopefully I'll be well enough to check out that STMP show Saturday. If not there's another show on December 9th that they're putting together as a benefit show for Toys For Tots. Hell, I have more then a few action figures from my toy collecting days that I've been wanting to unload so guess I have an excuse to toss a few now.

I have laughed the laugh of a man who has found soemthing extremely fucking hysterical

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's official...

...I'm gonna be sick as a dog.

I guess it's been coming for a couple of weeks. My throat would dry out and I'd have a fairly persistant cough but come Saturday night I started to lose the battle. Left work coughing my fucking head off. Now here I am the next night, I feel as though I'm gonan get stuck with a sore throat, still coughing and now...NOW...I feel kinda light headed when I stand up.

And what sucks is I coulda been at an SMTP show tonight getting my ears blasted off. Dammit!

Only four more hours till my shift is over. I wonder if they would be mad if I just killed myself in the lobby?

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Worst burglar ever

Sunday, November 19, 2006

That's weird

My Myspace page was flagged. I checked my email at Yahoo, my back-up I use to register at places online, and I find a message saying I got flagged sometime early last week. That's weird. Well, I guess they investigated and found nothing wrong cause my page is still there.

How very strange that was.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Looks like some of my stuff is shipping earlier then I anticipated. One thing about Rightstuf, they never ship things at their street date. It's either well before or well after.

So, uh, $72 bucks worth of stuff, ay?


Heh heh.




Man, I hate cartoons that make me wanna slit my wrists at the end.


Christ, this movie is wrong. Just simply wrong.

I loved it!

This movie really fucked me up. Half the time I was scrunched into my seat averting my eyes. I like to think I'm the posterchild for desensitization but some of the things in this movie were horrifying. I was embarassed for the people on screen but at the same time I couldn't stop laughing. I could barely watch but I just had to see what happened next.

What Sacha Cohen did was...I don't know how to describe it. He shows aspects of American culture, of Western culture really, that I think people like to sweep under the rug. He plays a guy who's supposed to be a backwards savage in a cheap suit. He shows how people react to this guy. People's reactions say the least. Some people show a great deal of patience with Borat. An amazing degree of patience. The car dealer, the driver's education guy, the etiquette coach, the "gypsy" woman. Some...well, okay, the New Yorkers were downright fucking hostile. Borat couldn't even give a simple greeting without someone flipping out. But really, the most interesting cases were the people who tried to be patient but cracked in the end. I'm thinking of the Atlanta dining society. Now, Cohen pushes and pushes people so it's no surprise that they crack but really it's how people react to his pushing. In some cases, a few people are small minded enough to get along with him (the rodeo guy, the frat guys) and some others try to put on this air of tolerance and open-mindedness that are so artificial that they break under the pressure. The dining society fits this perfectly because they were trying too hard to be polite upper crust types. Eventually they just throw him out and call the cops. Crazy.

Now I don't know if Cohen meant it but I think it might have been a bit of a critique of multiculturalism in a way. For all of Borat's shortcomings, and he did have a few, people were far too willing to not just tolerate but in their rush to be nonjudgmental end up silently accepting these things. Again, this mostly comes from watching the dining society bit but I think if they just stopped and said, "Hey, guy, that shit is fucked up," they would have saved themselves a headache. In fact not a whole lotta people called Borat on his bullshit seemingly using his "otherness" as an excuse for nonconfrontation. I'm probably just reading too much into it, but seeing as how Sacha Cohen did go to some fancy pants university I wouldn't put it past him.

Now, the movie does actually degenerate halfway through. It becomes less less about fucking with people's heads and more about fucking people up. The bit where Borat and his producer run naked through the hotel was pretty gratuitous. Funniest most fucked up thing I've ever seen but gratuitous all the same. Also, the overarching plot that connects everything together is pretty stupid. Pamela Anderson? Well, no matter.

Oh, now speaking of Pamela there's one thing in this movie that had me thinking that it was surely staged. Okay, spoilers ahead. Now, when Borat finally gets to California to meet Pamela at a book signing, he has a "traditional Kazakhi marriage sack" made. Okay, so his idea is to go up to Pamela and present this to her and take her as his wife. Well, when she turns him down he throws it over her head and he tries making off with her. Okay, now this shit has gotta be set up, cause I think Pamela has enough fans to warrant serious security and enough fans that would rip a guy apart for trying that sorta shit in front of them. Really, I think Cohen would have been hospitalized had he actually did that without telling anyone ahead of time. Also, Pam's pointless running around the parking lot was kind of a dead giveaway. Run to a cop, run to your car, don't run around like a damn fool just within camera range. Now of course there were other scripted elements. Every time Borat was alone with his producer, obviously. But I do wonder where else in the movie this was the case. The bit with the Jewish bed and breakfast is suspect.

Overall, I would highly recommend this movie. All the controversy surrounding it is, I think, entirely under-rated. This movie is way more fucked up then some reviews have made it out to be. Offensive, juvenile, lowest common denominator but yet probably one of the most subversively intelligent things I've ever seen.

Can't wait for the DVD.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bill Maher on Craig Ferguson

I totally forgot about this.

Man, sometimes Bill Maher needs to just shut the fuck up sometimes.

Still, good question. Have your shit ruined or be sucked off by Michael Jackson?

Damn, neither one is a pleasant thought. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess I would go with having my shit ruined. At least I could come out of such a beating with some kinda pride that I took it like a man. Getting sucked off by Michael Jackson? Yeah, you might come out of that situation okay but you're coming out a fag.


For all of Overstock's shitty practices they sure do have good shipping costs.

So I ordered that book for my niece. Great! I think the shipping on Amazon would have been something like $3 or $4 dollars. Overstock? $1.40. It caps at $2.95 for the entire shipment after three or more items. Sweet! Oh yeah, they might say $1 dollar shipping throughout the site but it's bullshit. They always say that and it's always bullshit. Also, they charege the moment an order is placed. Bullshit! Also, their customer service is crap. Thrice, I call bullshit!

Still, fucking great prices. Really, very hard to beat. They would be doing better business if they improved the customer service and stopped charging at the point of order and waited until shipment like everyone else. And stop sticking cookies up your ass when you browse the site. That's fucked up, yo!

So, like I said, I ordered the book for my niece. When I told my sister I was doing that I told her in an email to choose between that or Slayer's God Hates Us All. I don't think she appreciated the joke. She actually thought I would give the niece brutal death metal. HAH! She's too young for that. I'm waiting until she's ten (at the latest).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



Muppety goodness

My kinda drum solo

My niece's birthday present

Okay, I think I finally know what I can get her.

It's not something that can be appreciated by a two year old though.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH!

Fuck yes! I've always loved the movie The Secret of NIMH. Exquisite animation from Don Bluth and great story. However, I always forget it's based on a book. Well, technically, my niece isn't old enough for either. The movie she would mostly ignore. Ditto on the book. I figure my sister can read it to her. Also the kid'll have to learn to read sometime soon. I'm not wanting to get her some dumb Playschool nonsense. What a waste. Now The Secret of NIMH, well, that's a classic! It can be appreciated for years and years.

Damn, I am an awesome uncle. Just ignore the fact that my niece's birthday was something like ten days ago.

The hair is gone


Totally gone.

Gone gone.


I rub my hands over my shiny bald dome.

Shiny and bald and smooth.

Shiny shiny.

Of course I'm freezing my ass off now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flushed Away

I'm sitting here right now drinking coffee that is hours old and luke warm. Hooray! Oh, I'm never getting to sleep in the morning. I need to, I gotta wake up early so I can get a haircut. My hair is starting to do this 70s helmety semi-fro thing and it sucks. I'm gonna have it all shaved off again. It's been eight months since my last haircut so I really need it. I should have gotten this done two months ago but...shit.

But nevermind the bitching.

So Sunday night I went out and saw Flushed Away, the new movie from the Wallace & Gromit guys. Its run time is less then 90 minutes and after credits the actual movie itself is probably just under 80 minutes.

So how was it?

Man, that was the funniest movie I've seen in some time. It's about a pet mouse who lives a posh but lonely life. His owners step out for a holiday and Roddy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) gets the run of the place. At least until a sewer mouse coms up from the drain and kills his good time. Roddy's plan to get rid of him goes awry and he ends up flushed down the toilet (hence the title).

It's a very quickly paced movie. There's not a lot of slowing down which some people may find hurts the film but as for myself it didn't bother me. In hindsight it dosn't help along with character development, especially the romance angle that's moved forward between Roddy and Rita (voiced by Kate Winslet). But who cares, cause this movie is all about laughs. I do, however, have to wonder why the Aardman logo kinda resembles a Marxist banner, but maybe it's just me. It's very funny, a few good jokes (one of the rats making the comment he had a bum like the Japanese flag nearly did me in) and lots of visual humor. Some standard stuff (Roddy falling crotch first onto various objects being something done endlessly but hey, it's classic humor). There's a lot of shit packed onscreen which is really where this movie stands out. An oven falling through a floor revealing a roach on a toilet reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis (in French no less) was awesome. The floor of Rita's boat was a box of Weetabix. It goes on and on. Oh, I need to mention the slugs. Oh man, those things were the shit! All of their appearances on screen were a treat. Visually they were...well, like you would expecta cartoon slug to look like. It's what they do with them vocally. Usually they're expressed in little high pitched squeals but sometimes an occasional baritone voice is used during songs (not that it's a musical, but they break out in song on occasion). The timing in their appearances is great. And, considering the movie is set in a sewer, they're everywhere so they can be used whenever. Wonderful. I wonder if they sell little plush slugs so I can buy one for my niece?

A wonderful little movie. Hysterical stuff. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I must lament that it seems most of the movies I really wanna see are animated, but they realy are the best things out generally. This and Monster House are two of the best movies I've seen all year.

Went to Chile's afterwards and ate myself sick. Ugh, I really shouldn't have done that. However, they do have a pretty good chicken fried steak. And this cake and ice cream thing that.....well, I expect death to come soon. I really should just eat saad the rest of the week after that. Goddamn, why eat for the rest of the week at all? I'm amazed I managed to get to work. I coulda slept for three days.

Well, next up is Borat. It finally came here so I think I'll see it Wednesday afternoon.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wow, an actual evening out!

Cool, so Juan called me from Best Western Saturday morning. Told me about a little gathering of local metal bands at a place downtown. I told him it sounded good and I would consider it. I considered wisely.

It was pretty cool. I didn't realize Harlingen even had a metal scene big enough to put on even that kind of show. I got there and there was maybe a couple of dozen kids. Kids. The venue was a hole in the wall downtown and not a bar so they could actually show up. Over the course of the evening the crowd got thicker and the space got a little tighter. But it was pretty cool, some of these bands were pretty good. Give 'em a little time and practice and they could do something worthwhile.

I came in midway through the first band's set. I saw Juan but I barely recognized him. "Is that...maybe...was his hair always so long...was he always so huge?" Okay, so it was him. Sweet! The band, whose name I can't remember (God's Last Breath I think), was pretty cool. I thought the drummer had a lot of potential. The second band started God knows how long after that. It was interesting. Three piece with a singer, drummer, guitarist. The singer also tried to do some ambient stuff with a keyboard but unless the band wasn't playing you couldn't really hear it. Mostly he did it between songs but I appreciated the need to be at least a little more progressive. The next band after that I can't remember much, my mind was elsewhere for some reason. They did have a bassist I know. The last band I saw was pretty well organized. Better amps, more players, lots of energy. Even a keyboardist! Too bad you couldn't hear him. Still, great energy from the band and some of the audience. A few...moshers? I'm not even sure I would say they were moshing, more like slam dancing. But hey, it's cool.

Alas, after that I had to split. As we were walking back in to see the next band I asked a fellow for the time and it was 9:00 PM. Unfortunately for me that meant I had to vamoose. It takes me forever to get ready for work and I hadn't eaten yet. I pretty much woke up and went straight to the show. I was starving! Cigarettes can't replace food after all. All in all though it was worth seeing. A $6.00 dollar cover charge at the door and I caught a few local acts with potential. Not bad for an evening that would have otherwise been spent concerts! On DVD.

Thanks again, Juan! That was cool shit.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fucking Amazon!

Okay, so I ordered a few things from Amazon.

Animaniacs vol. one
Slayer - Christ Illusion
Project Creation

Woo! Stuff!

I like stuff. Stuff is great. I like Amazon because they provide me with stuff which I think is great. Great stuff at Amazon is what I'm trying to say.

What I hate is when they FUCK UP!

Amazon, as of late, has developed the habit of getting unnecessary credit card preauthorizations. Like a buck. So, seeing as how I use a debit card, it'll throw off my balance by a buck. Not a problem, it gets put back and a buck is not something I fret over.

However, when I go in to deposit my check and balance my checkbook with the bank's statement I do NOT want to see a difference of $38 fucking dollars! I have plenty of money in my account so $38 bucks isn't a big loss but when it comes to money I am what you can simply call a huge fucking Jew.

So I think, well maybe I lost a reciept and didn't put it in my checkbook. I walk over, graba copy of my last bunch of charges, flip over and...AHA! Right there! A preauth of $38 fucking dollars...extra!

Now it's just a preauth and Amazon won't actually charge it, but it's all the same with a debit card. A simple, forgivable mistake. Still, I about shit a brick.

Thank you, Amazon

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Death metal vox - translation

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Right, time to ask for a raise

Okay, with the commie bastards in Congress, we can now all expect a minimum wage increase. They want $7.00 dollars. Damn, that's exactly how much I make. While I think once the politicking is done it will be less it won't be by much. It will come.

So, since the minimum wage is gonna go up that means cost of living goes up. I wouldn't be surprised to be paying $5.50 for a gallon of milk a few months after it passes. So, this means it's time to hit up my boss for a raise. I haven't gotten one in a long time so I think I can get what I want. It's been almost two years after all. The only reason I never hit him up was cause I was working two jobs and didn't really consider money much of an issue. Also I think he woulda brushed me off cause of that very fact. Well, since I intend to leave Super 8 after the new year, and cause I don't want to work two jobs for another 16 months, I guess now is as good a time as any. My boss might be taken slightly aback by the amount I'll ask for, but like I said I haven't gotten one from him in nearly two years. Seem more then fair that if you assume X amount on an annual basis then going two years without and asking X times 2 seems fairly reasonable.

Well, we'll see how it goes.

The major downside is I'll still be coming up short after the increase. I make $1.85 more than the minimum right now and after the increase, and assuming I get what I want, I sure as hell won't be making that much more. I'll still get screwed in the end cause my wage will have fallen far short of keeping up with the inflation. Fucking Democrats! Ya think they would know better but no, they gotta do whatever they can to score votes by sticking their nose up my ass. Party of the little guy my foot! I'm little and getting littler still cause of them!

Well, here's hoping they blow it in two years.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I suck, I voted Kinky

So I voted for Kinky Friedman. Shit, like his campaign slogan said, why the hell not?

For the rest of the ballot, with two other exceptions, I voted straight-ticket Libertarian. Texas 15 I voted for one of the Republicans. I can't remember his name. The one that wasn't the hispanic. And the other one was some obscure statewide position that escapes me cause I didn't want the Democrat to win.

All others with an uncontested Democrat I just abstained. Hell if I'm giving any sort of approval for those people. Especially not now.

So the Democrats took the house and there are still two Senate seats being counted and scrutinized. This doesn't please me. Now I guess I can expect two years of pointless investigations headed by the first female and socialist Speaker of the House.

Well, at least Texas refused to tilt left. Republicans aren't worth much per se, but the fact that we elect pretty good conservative types (and libertarian, go Ron Paul!) is a plus. I can't say as much for the rest of the South. I get this feeling that one or two Southern States will break with the rest and get some left-wing jack off elected President. The closeness of the race in Virginia makes me wonder about the future.

Well, whatever. The Republicans didn't do much to actually deserve to retain the House. It really is their own damn fault. Maybe we'll see them work better in opposition? Go back to them small government principles? That would be great. Let the Democrats fuck shit up for two years and then run on good principles and ideas. That would be good. This is, of course, assuming the Republicans don't fuck themselves more over the next two years. Oh well, we'll see.

Still, gotta love democracy. It's just so exciting!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stupid election


I'm torn three ways.

I can default to my party and vote for James Werner of the Libertarian Party.

I can vote for someone who kinda comes close to where I am and has a slightly better chance of winning and vote for Carole Keeton-Strayhorn.

Or I can toss out everything I hold dear and vote for the crazy Jew.

Okay, so for the Libertarian. I firmly believe in the classical liberal principles of the Libertarian party. It doesn't matter to me who's running, but I feel I should vote on principle and James Werner is the guy presently representing my beliefs.

Carole Keeton-Strayhorn is an independent Republican. She's vague, but as Comptroller she is a bit of a tightass. Fiscal conservatives are the nearest best thing to libertarians.

Kinky Friedman. A populist. I don't much like populists cause they're just unprincipled. And boy is Kinky ever unprincipled! I mean his is the biggest mishmash of common sense conservatism and big spending liberalism I ever saw! But he is crazy. Crazy is good! He'd be hated by everybody! Government standstill! Nothign is done! Surely you can't get much more libertarian then that?!?


I just don't know.

All I really know is that Rick Perry and Chris Bell can go fuck themselves!

Oingo Boingo

Monday, November 06, 2006

I've learned one thing about the Japanese

they like getting beaten.


Tenchi Muyo

Okay, so I finally watched volume two of the third Tenchi Muyo OVA series. My thoughts?

That sucked.

Tenchi Muyo is one of my favorite anime series, if not my absolute favorite anime series. The OVAs were some of the most awesome animation I've ever seen wonderfuly mixing bad ass action, romance, drama and intrigue.

Does OVA series three do that?

Well, it certainly has some intrigue and a little romance but action and drama were pretty nonexistent. Episode of the series is good if loaded to heavily with flashbacks. Fifteen minutes of flashbacks to be exact. Okay, that aside it's actually okay and the way it ends is killer. Episode two picks up at the next moment and things go fairly well. There's a lot of set-up and exposition but it's early yet. Then it's nothing but slice of life the entire time. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episodes in the first two series detailing life around the Masaki household but that wasn't the only appeal. The love triangle...octagon actually...made for great comedy. The action was pretty damn good. I mean I've seen better action but it was never that gratuitous in this show.

Tenchi series three has virtually no funny, no real action and the romance is nowhere to be found! Then there are these various plot details that don't go anywhere. To be sure, the last episode in volume three (also known as series 3+1) hasn't shipped yet so I don't know how these details are resolved. However, it's a single 45 minute episode. Any possible resolution will only come off as forced and be quickly brushed aside. How are they gonna deal with Noike's betrayal? The secret behind the death of Tenchi's mother? Hell, his newly arrived sister just disappeared after episode two. Is she gonna appear at all? And what about the fact that she's an 80 years old alien but calls Nobuyuki "dad?" Just how old is Nobuyuki anyway?

Too many damn questions that need answering. This wouldn't be so bad if they actually made Tenchi series faster then once every seven years.

Damn, this new Tenchi series just left a bad taste in my mouth. Unless...UNLESS...the third volume just absolutely knocks one out of the ballpark then this series is gonna go down as the biggest letdown of the year.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A wonderfully busy day

I want to see Borat. Unfortunately, only now, do I know it's not coming down here. SUCK! Anyway, Thursday I call Andy, one of my best friends who I never see anymore, to see if he knows anything and if he's going to the movies Friday. I find out he's moving the store! Holy shit, okay, well, this is good I think. So he's moving the store cause the owners of the building he is in offer a bigger space for the same rent. Sweet deal, I can understand why he would go for it. Lucky I found out just in time or else I would never know. Great, I tell him I'll be there Friday afternoon cause he's got a buncha big shit to move.

There musta been a miscommunication though cause I was under the impression he had been moving since Tuesday and he had started the day I called. Damn, I thought he was just taking his time. Or if he had freakin called me to let me know he was moving I'd been over in two seconds helping out. Ah, it's cool though. Anyway, I found out just in time to at least help get the big shit out of the way. It really didn't take that long. Got the big glass case out easier then I expected. That thing is a bitch and a half to move. Chucky nearly killed himself getting squished underneath the filing cabinet. Hell, I knew I shoulda got that for him. Ah well, he was alright. Really the biggest pain in the ass was those big wooden backing...things...whatever ya call 'em...that Andy uses to display his comics. Yeah, large and heavy. I wish I had brought my work gloves.

Otherwise I think getting everything moved took less then 45 minutes. Went very very fast. Everything else? Organizing? Setting shit up? Andy is very particular and I'm not the best decorator in the world so I think it's better I stay outta there way for that. Store's mostly layed out already so there's not much I could do anyway.

So why was it wonderful? Damn, I haven't seen these guys in over a month! It was great seeing them again. That's always good!

Root cause of mid east crisis?

Tom & Jerry.

Come on, you know it explains everything.

"Good day, Mr. Kubrick"

"Would you like to touch my penis?"

I'm up for it

As long as I don't have to feed it.

In honor of Bob Barker

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beats the hell outta torching cars all night