Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SO what are our guys in Iraq doing?


So true

Adis of Count Your Sheep just did a strip that is so funny but sad and true.

I remember when my sister was going to Trinity University there was a store at one of the malls there that would put their Christmas shit up in November. Hell, I just thought it was a big city thing. Now everyone here does it well before Halloween.

That's just so fucking gay.

Speaking of pumpkin carving...

Popular Mechanics has an interesting pumpkin carving contest. I haven't watched it myself (yet) but it looks awesome.

My pumpkin destroys you

I finally started carving my pumpkins. Obviously, pumpkins need to be carved kinda late otherwise they dry out and go rotten very quickly. Okay, so I decided to carve a design my good ifriend Yessie pointed out to me here. Yeah, awesome, isn't it? I liked it. Anyway, I decided I was gonna do it. So I grabbed the layout the designer posted on Flickr and gave it a whirl.

Man, that was hard.

It took me somewhere slightly under three hours to finish. I would have started carving sooner but I had to do my front lawn first. I've only ever done a designer pumpkin once before and it was a very simple one I got from VG Cats. (Scott Ramsoomair has another design on his site I wanna try as well, so 'm gonna have to buy another pumpkin when I get outta work.) So, going from very simple to insanely hard, how did I do? I did alright. I made a few mistakes. First, I didn't start out with the smaller, more intricate parts of the design. I forgot that once large pieces arwe cut out it makes it harder to do the smaller bits. I realized this eventually but not until after making a couple of minor screw ups. Okay, so I start doing the teeth. Wow, hard shit. I fucked up and the look...well, so long as you don't look directly at them they look okay. I really blew it at one point and cut off a piece that I needed and lost the definition between the far left lower tooth and the lip. However, a well placed (and shaved down) toothpick helped me fix things and thankfully doesn't looks quite so bad. Some of the fleshy bits above the (my) right eye came off as well. More tothpickig needed. That killed me, cause I though I had just ruined it at that point and my pumpkin had already sustained too much damage. Also, part of the face is not actually attached to anything anymore and in a precarious position that I fixed it in. Not a solvable situation. I just had to gently move it into place and pray for the best. I hope that it lasts until tomorrow night before really breaking down on me.

Overall, for all my mistakes, it actually looks pretty good. Some areas might need a little more definition but honestly it looks really good, especially cosidering I've never done something so difficult before. The top half does look better then the bottom half, but if you look at it right in the eyes it looks pretty awesome. I'm quite proud. My pumpkin, for all its flaws, reigns supreme over all. You shall worship it as your god. I have spoken.

Just too bad I don't have a picture otherwise I would post it.

The experience taught me two things. First, I need more practice. I had a hard time carving straight. I should realize by now that, like writing, you shouldn't do it with your wrist. Sadly, that's how I write. Secondly, I need better tools. Mine are okay, I buy these little carving kits every years and have this giant Ziploc bag with ten years of carving tools. They make things easier, but they aren't perfect. They're made for amateurs. But it's really not so much the tools as it is the skills. Too bad Halloween only comes once a year in that case.

I'm gonna pick up another pumpkin or two in the morning for sure. Scott Ramsoomair has a couple of funny designs I wanna use. Also I need to do a traditional scary pumpkin face design. Can't go wrong with that!

Yes, I do indeed kick ass.

Guy really shoulda known better


Borderline racist

Oh Christ, I'm going to hell for enjoying this.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Deep fried PC

Male contraceptive pill

This morning I got this weird urge to go through Matt's old MySpace blog and see if he had any funny shit on there.  Well, I did find out he got fixed.

Now, oddly enough, I find this tonight.

New male contraceptive Pill with no side effects
By JULIE WHELDON Last updated at 22:00pm on 30th October 2006

Men could soon be able to use a 'male Pill' that has no side effects, scientists have revealed.

The chemical implant acts as a contraceptive but does not change the balance of a man's sex hormones.

Scientists have discovered a substance that can temporarily block the development of sperm without altering testosterone levels and without causing unwanted side effects.

They hope human trials of a new contraceptive for men based on their discovery could begin within a few years.

Other versions of the 'male Pill' are already in development but work by altering hormone levels in the man's body.

In trials so far these have produced no worrying side effects - however scientists think men may still worry about whether introducing female hormones could harm their virility in some way.

The new approach would therefore avoid this problem. The common perception is that few women would actually believe a man who said he was on the Pill.

However a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2000 found that only two per cent of women said they would not trust their partner to take a male Pill.

Several teams of scientists have therefore been working on trying to develop an equivalent of the female Pill for men.

Until now this has involved using hormones to try to prevent sperm production.

But the new approach reported in the latest edition of the journal Nature Medicine involves a substance called adherin.

It works by interfering with the way cells in the testes help nurture the development of mature sperm.

It blocks the normal bond which develops between immature sperm and tissue called Sertoli cells. This then stops the cells developing into mature sperm which are capable of fertilising an egg.

A study found that when given to rats, sperm production dropped to such low levels as to render them infertile.

However once the drug was stopped, the animals' sperm production soon returned to normal.

Lead researcher Chuen Yan Cheng of the Population Council in New York said this would be vital for any kind of pill to become acceptable to men.

"If you give the consumer the peace of mind that their fertility will be restored and that their hormones are not going to be affected, they may feel that it is safer to use this contraceptive," he said.

Adherin on its own is known to have toxic effects on the body, but the team overcame this problem by ensuring it would only attach to one cell in the body - the Sertoli cells.

The team tested it on vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart and brain, and found it had no harmful side effects.

Dr Cheng and his team hope their finding will lead to a male contraceptive - although say it is likely to be an implant rather than a pill as the tablet would be broken down in the digestive tract.

Dr Cheng said the approach taken by other researchers of using hormone-based contraceptives was not wrong. However he said it was important to give people a choice.

Earlier this year researchers working on a hormonal-based male contraceptive said an implant or injection could be available within five years.

Another study, published in the Lancet found that men given a hormonal-based contraceptive drug saw their sperm count return to normal just over three months after they stopped using it.

Poor bastard.


Not that I ever really do much for Halloween, but I do like it anyway. 've always liked passing out candy. Hate kids, but I like giving out gobs of sugary shit. Go figure.

Been a few years since I last did that, mostly cause I was broke. Well, I sucked it up and went to Walmart this afternoon. Sweet, got lots of candy. Well, not lots, but I did get about $20 bucks worth. And, for some insane reason, a cheap copy of The Grudge. Hey, it was $7.50 and I never saw it! So I broke down. Though ya know, it cost the same as my ticket to see The Prestige. Go figuer that out! Fuck, I remember when DVDs were so horribly expensive. And they still are if you go to places like Sam Goody. Walmart and Target? They sell DVDs for cheaper then VHS ever was. Okay, so I broke down and bought a cheap DVD (which means I'll definitaly have to see The Grudge II). Then I got teacup candles for my pumpkins and everything, with tax, came to about $30 dollars. Not bad. A little moer then I was wanting to spend but I never expected to get a DVD either.

Shit, ya know, maybe I should have looked for The Ring instead. I did see that one and it kicked supreme ass. I want to see it again.

So I'll carve me pumpkins Monday night and see if I get any bastard children to come to my door Tuesday. I wonder if I bought too much candy cause kids hardly come down my neighborhood anymore. Last year was pathetic. The last Halloween was on a weekend night was pathetic as well. Isn't Halloween supposed to be like the second or third largest grossing American holiday? You wouldn't be able to tell that in this town. It's getting downright lame. Well, my particular neighborhood seems intent on discouraging trick or treaters and I haven't helped counter that these past few years. This year I'll either wind up with a shit load of extra candy or we'll get just enough kids that it'll all get gone. Hopefully...somewhere in between. I like munching leftover Halloween candy.

Then Wednesday morning I'll hit Walmart back up for super cheap Halloween candy that they need to get rid of. Sweet!

And I can already feel myself gaining fifty pounds.

The Prestige

Saw the Prestige tonight. Pretty good movie. It's about two rival magicians who are obsessed with their trade and with each other. At first they're fairly friendly with each other until an accident poisons their relationship. Then it becomes a cycle of revenge between the two. Magicians being secretive by nature, those secrets which they carry drive them to creating grander illusions and more vicious schemes against each other. I wouldn't say it's the best, but I liked the period set pieces, the magic, the acting and the cinematography. The characters were pretty interesting as well. The dude who played Nikola Tesla was awesome. I can't help but want some kind of quasi-biographical/fictional account of Tesla and his rivalry with Thomas Edison now. And Andy Serkis! Fucking Gollum! That was cool. Everytime he came on screen I would think, "Now where do I know that guy from?" DOH! Well, what else does the guy get for hardly ever appearing as himself?

Pretty good movie overall. The twist is half predictable, which after watching the movie is kind of appropriate. Wonderful performances from Wolverine and Batman. My one complaint is that Christian Bale doesn't really speak clearly a lot of the time and he can be hard to understand. Apparently Scarlett Johansson is in it as well. Her greatest acting ability might be the ability to never be recognizable on screen. Not actually a good thing. But who cares, it was all good.

Christopher Nolan manages to get good performances out of everyone and keep things briskly paced. I kinda wish some characters had more screen time then they did but I think it would have caused the movie to drag and lose focus. The movie is about two men obsessed over magic and each other after all, not HUgh Jackman's lovely and talented assistant. One thing though, in the end I'm not sure if I really cared about the characters so much as the setting of the whole thing. Would it have been as interesting if set in modern day New York? Hmmmm...

Overall, I'd absolutely recommend this movie. At the very least it's a great film to look at.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Now in Beta!


Internet connection sucks nuts tonight.

Really came pissing down today

And now my lawn needs cutting. Again.


Okay, well, it's not so thick yet that it would take me ten hours. I think I can do it in a reasonable amount of time. I really need to. However, I really want to go to the movies Saturday night. I wanna see The Prestige. Must see The Prestige. And eventually Catch A Fire. There's quite a few movies I want to see, but I have a hard time finding the time. Ah well. Well, actualkly, Catch A Fire is only about 90 minutes long and I could get out with plenty of time left. The Presitige is two hours. Still, the start time is early enough either way. I will see them both!

Except I gotta rule out Friday nights. I'm not missing Doctor Who for nothin!

Well, I'll decide later. Anyway, I got a couple of DVDs in the mail today. The two from Rightstuf, Case Closed: The Movie and Midori Days. Sweet, can't wait to watch them. One small complaint. The Midori Days collection is three discs. Two of the discs are stacked partially on top of each other. What the hell is that? That's...stupid! (And you can see an example here.)One of the discs is so low against the case that it risks getting scratched. CDs and DVDs are raised against the case in order to prevent scratching and promote longevity. This kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I guess the manufacturers thought adding the little flip jobbie that they've been using on multi-disc collections was too expensive. BAH! Except now the cost is passed on to the consumer to replace discs that are worn out faster over time. Guess we can kiss thinpacking goodbye!

Anyway, back to the subject of Doctor Who, tonight's episode was the dogs bollocks (as they say).Part one of Rise of the Cybermen. It really had some great moments. I felt the "death" of the TARDIS could have felt heavier, but when the Doctor finds one last bit with some juice it was executed perfectly. "I just gave up ten years of my life and it was worth every second." Nicely done. We also see a lot of Tennant as the angry Doctor. Maybe not nearly as well done as Eccleston's Doctor but he does a pretty good job. Mickey constantly moaning about being taken for granted was a little tiresome, but then the scene where he sees his old, dead gradma? Wow, just wonderful. That guy really sold it well. Too bad he leaves the series after part two. Season 28 has, so far, really knocked 'em out of the ballpark.

And then Battlestar: Galactica. Ya know, I decided to start following this show cause everybody loves it. I'm still not sure why. To be sure, tonight's episode was pretty good. It involved a group of six, by order of the President, trying and executing Cylon collaborators. It addressed the last four episodes of the series and the Cylon occupation of New Caprica and what some people did to survive. Basically, it's a revenge episode. This group executing people after having a sham trial and, in some cases, realizing that maybe they weren't as guilty as the group thought. Maybe it's cause I don't know any of the characters and only have a vague idea of what's going on, but honestly I can't give two shits about any of the characters. They all come across as mindless savages. Edward James Olmos' Adama is the only character I have any remote interest in. The rest? I just get the impression they're all wandering around in a haze. Do any of these characters have any sort of focus? I can't tell. Maybe it's cause I've never actually watched any episodes before now, and it could very well be. This show clearly isn't open and accessible to new viewers, which quite frankly is damning in of itself. Perfect show for a Friday night on Sci-Fi, not for NBC proper (there was a brief rumor NBC would pick it up for prime-time network broadcast which was proved false). I don't know, maybe I'll still pick up a season set if I can find it cheap enough. Maybe not. My biggest complaint is the camera work. Sixty minutes of shaky cam. One of the reasons I liked tonight's episode better then the previous four was because the camera was mostly stable throughout the show. Seriously, 90% of the time during the first four I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be looking at. Shaky cam can be good sometimes, but for an entire series? That's a great way to lose viewers.

Okay, now I go back to work!


Interesting video from Current TV of a guy getting waterboarded.

Dalek pumpkin

Evil Mad Scientist.

Awesome. Just awesome.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cat versus dog

Which would win in a fight?

Well, apparently, my cat. My cat. Versus a hundred some odd pound german shephard. Swear to God, I missed parts of the beginning of Lost because I was having to keep my cat from murdering my dog. There she is, this little ten pound (if that much) cat basically stalking my dog and ready to attack and me putting myself between them. And my dog cowering like a giant pussy.

It was the strangest thing.

Now, it's not like my cat hasn't taken her shots at the poor dog. She swats him on the nose or wehatever and of course he yelps cause of them sharp as hell little claws. Yes, that's one thing. I've never seen her actually freaking attack. Hunched down, ears back, look of murder in her eyes...yep, she wanted a fight. Well, it got broken up airly quickly but even after that the damn cat just sorta watched the dog from under the dining room table. Watched. And plotted.

I have a homicidal psycho jungle kitty.

Pigeon getting his shit owned

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A panda with Tourettes syndrome

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So I was reading...

...some of those contest entries for Matt's Halloween writing contest. There are some pretty good ones. A few were pretty stupid, but overall I think most of the stories submitted were pretty good. Sheep's entry is the kind of story I really wanted to write but don't have the skills necessary. Personally, I would choose that one as the winner. It really paints a perfect atmospheric and creepy image in my mind and then fires it up. It works by itself, but could also be part of a larger piece of work. It's like you glimpse part of a story in progress and are then left wanting to read on.

Damn, you really get the feeling she's done this kinda thing before.

I think I'm jealous.

Dream Theater

Yeah, ordered a couple of Dream Theater DVDs from DVD Pacific for like $30 bucks. Live in Tokyo/Five Years in A Livetime and Score and they're finally shipping. Awesome. This makes me happy. I'll be really happy when I get my order in and know I wasn't screwed cause this is the first time I've ordered from DVD Pacific.

Now it seems DVD Pacific does not, in fact, offer to track shipping. They're being sent USPS media mail, which I have lots of experience with. That means it'll take about two weeks to get in. That's fine, but I like knowing where my shit is. Okay, okay, it is the United States Postal Service we're talking about. Half the time they won't even update it until it ends up on your door. Still, I like knowing I'm being taken care of.

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddd, Rightstuf is finally shipping a few DVDs I've been waiting for. Case Closed: The Movie, Midori Days: The Handheld Collection and Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki volume two. There seems to be some sort of hold up with the Tenchi volume but the other two have shipped. Christ, if they give me shit about my debit card again...ya know, I musta fucked up that particular order particularly bad cause every item in it that has shipped Rightstuf has needed me to contact them. Oh well, as long as I get it it's no problem.

Yep, looks like I'm gonna be occupied the next couple of weeks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ah, so my brother isn't always a total shit

He...PAID...for someone to do the lawn! Hey, this was cool of him. Considering when he yanked off the pull cord and didn't have it fixed and I had to pay for it myself this almost makes up for it.

Okay, the lawn looks pretty good. Could be better, but apparently the guy he hired was asking for a below market price. Hey, good enough. My backyard looked like shit. Front saw worse days. Still, least it's done. Working seven nights a week makes it difficult to do these things, especially since there's less daylight when I wake up in the afternoon (or evening, it varies). Well, since the weather is finally turning cold, maybe the lawn won't grow so much. I only intend to work two jobs until the end of the year so after that I can actually take care of little things like the lawn. And chain smoke. Oh fuck, I can't believe it but I think I'm addicted again. Dammit! Ah well, I can quit. Just not right now. I like having a smoke in the cold.



Headache - Writer's commentary

Okay, so let me explain about the story. Since this might make me super famous and shit and I'll become all famous and better then everyone I think I should explain where I'm coming from in this story.

First, I guess I should talk about the inspiritation. Mostly, I pulled it outta my ass.

Alright, next question. What was I going for? Well, I was going for something moody and unsettling. I think I might have failed miserably, but you can only do so much in 99 words. Exactly 99 words. I hand counted them like ten freaking times and missed the beginning of Star Trek. Fuck word processors, machines are creations of humans and thus flawed! I can count as well as any computer. But I digress. Okay, so something unsettling and disturbing. A quiet horror. I coulda gone on I think. But I think it came out as well as it could have. Being a shitty writer, it took me up until tonight to figure out what kind of story I wanted to tell. The only thing I knew I wanted was a first person narrative told after the fact. First I wanted zombies, then maybe some HG Lovecraft type thing, then maybe zombies in space picked up by aliens...well, everything I thought of was too long, or what could be considered a rip-off of Alien. Shit, okay, deadline looming. I know, a strangulation! Damn, but I feel proud of myself.

Okay, so I mostly pulled it outta my ass. What little was inspired by what? First, the headache thing. Remember the dude that climbed the bell tower at UT and picked off a buncha people with a high powered sniper rifle? Well, as I understand it, he had a tumor pressing in some area of his brain that drove him fucking nuts. Apparently it stimulated the part of the brain that makes a guy want to climb a university bell tower and pick people off with a high powered sniper rifle. I think he had headaches. Hence, the constant headache. I figure that a tumor can stimulate the part of teh brain that makes one want to strangle your chairwoman of the board when business is bad.

Now I know what you're thinking. Dude strangled a woman? Damn man, that's some harsh misogyny shit going down. And my reply is...fuck yes! The strangling of females in power is a way to vent my anger at the fat lesbian whore who unjustly fired me from my part-time job this past summer. Among other things, I wanted to crush her throat with my bare hands. Not that I think I could have actually gotten my hands around her neck. I think I would have had to garrote her, really. But that's besides the point. The point is I hope she gets AIDS and dies. Until then, a fictional woman will have to die in her place.

Okay, here ends the director's commentary feature of our blog posting. Coming soon, the Headache director's cut with five paragraphs of new material and extensive making of features!


Okay, I finally wrote a little something for Matt Dinniman's Halloween writing contest. So here we go!


I don't know what they'll do to me when they arrive. Nothing good, I imagine, not that I deserve more. It was supposed to be another business meeting, going over recent financial losses. It was already a bad week, what with this pounding in my head. There was already enough bickering between the board members. I don't know what came over me. I don't know when it came over me. The chairwoman's neck, next thing I know it's in my hands. Her trachea collapsing in my hands. Her face is blue. Oh God, why won't this headache go away?

Ninja Star in the Eye

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I open a bottle of Coke and I somehow end up with these huge Coke stains on my very white shirt.

These better bloody well come out!

In the meantime, I added Mil Millington's Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About to the links section. Funny shit and worth signing up for the rarely updated mailing list.

Just a few videos


Shrimp on a treadmill.

I believe this was Sheep's hamster before departing this world.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Megadeth - Washington is Next

One of the new songs from their upcoming album, United Abominations.

Sounds pretty good to me though I'm not sure if it will hold up against anything on The System Has Failed.

Lars singing Am I Evil

If he weren't running around like a little homo he might actually sound pretty good. Pretty neat shit though.

Here's a couple of MySpace vids as well. Funny stuff.

The End of Florida. It's a bit dated but it's still pretty funny.

Grenade versus Washing Machine. Explosions are awesome.

Edit: Okay, so the Florida thing is apparently a rip off of this animation here. Still, I likes it.

The greatest thing

So I wake up, get dressed and step out for a cigarette and what do I find in the mail?

A Gillette Fusion razor.

I got fives blades!

Isn't that awesome?

I do love Gillette. They're awesome. Truly it's a company of men, by men and for men. They understand one thing about men. Given that they make razors, they only need to understand one thing about men. I can see it now in my mind's eye. Rich, powerful men tossing ideas back and forth to each other on how to sell their product and finally thinking of the right question. What kind of razor will a man shave with? He will shave with whatever you put in his hand. Hence, free razors in the mail.

Proof that capitalism works and that Adam Smith loves us.

I'd bet money that Gillette loses money on the grips. Obviously, cause they're giving them away! But goddamn it surely must be worth it. All the real money is in the refills. This should be apparent by the high cost of the little bastards at the store.

And not only do I get a free razor, but it also comes with coupons. Coupons! A loving gift and reduced prices on other stuff. It's like they want me to be happy. Oh, I will be, Gillette, now that I have been looked upon so sweetly with your tender gaze.

It is as though the Lord has come down from on High and madeth me one of His disciples. This proves that there is no God but Allah and Gillette is His Prophet.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Star Wars versus Battlestar: Galactica

Ya know, assuming anyone reads this blog, why are you here? Go to the Table of Malcontents. That's where I'm getting all this shit anyway.

Turkish Trek - I swear to fucking God

Turks in space!

I didn't watch the whole thing but I can only guess their purpose is to kill Kurds where no man has killed them before.

Rollercoaster fun

God bless the Table of Malcontents. Holy shit this is great!

Mr. Pringle brought low. Poor Mr. Pringle.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interesting Beeb story

BBC News.

My thoughts?


Really, who is this Oliver Curry asshole? He sounds more like Harlan Ellison than a real scientist. "We're all gonna be spoiled pets thanks to technology." Is that so? Seeing as how these "gadgets" he imagines will be spoiling us need to be built by someone I don't really see this happening. It's a massive leap in logic. We would need to assume that technology was so advanced machines could manufacture and upgrade themselves, or in other words they would need to become living machines. Too fanciful.

The rest is really unsupported, at least in the BBC story, and seems too self contradictory. We'll live to be 120 years, but we'll be preserving things like cancer along the way. Men will look more atheltic ut....people will look more juvenile? Okay, ya lost me there, doc. And the no chins thing in a thousand years? Okay, now I know this guy is just watching too much Futurama.

The only part I wanted to hear more about was having a bigger dick. Hey, having a bigger dick never hurt. And pert jugs. Bigger dicks and pert jugs. That's the future I wanna hear about.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peanut butter METAL time!

Fuck yes!

Metallica - The Other New Song (Seoul)

My thoughts on it are while it's rough around the edges I like it better then the first new song. This one is punky, punchy and reminiscent of Kill 'Em All. I was never the biggest fan of Kill 'Em All mind you, but I can really appreciate this song.

Tighten it up, add some real lyrics and they've got a winner.

I found this one the Portnoy board and it's amazing that for a board dedicated to the idol worship of a progressive god the people there are surprising close-minded about Metallica annd are quick to condemn this new song. Too bad.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yes, it can be done

I think I can finally start to appreciate the Family Circus.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Metallica - Orion live in South Korea 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

For Matt

In honor of the anniversary of Matt Dinniman being eaten by an iguana.

Happy anniversay, Matt!

YouTube and squirrel videos.

Okay, so anyone following politics and shit like that will know that YouTube has been catching hell for censoring right-wing and anti-jihadi videos. Most infamously was when Michelle Malkin got it in the ass. That sweet, sweet, filipino ass. Mmmmmmmmmm.....Oh, where was I?

Oh, yeah, YouTube. Okay, as much as I think that's all bullshit, there are other sites to go to, like Guba and Go Fish. YouTube might be the biggest but it's not the only one out there.

But I have a problem with YouTube now. With political shit, they're censoring things most people probably aren't watching to begin with. Really, most of those videos are only watched by harcore political junkies. The rest is used to watch strip teases, South Park clips and shitty anime music videos.

But what about when you feel the urge to see a squirrel get slingshotted over a balcony?

Like this one? Apparently shit like this is flagged down and you have to log in to verify you are 18 or older. You have to be 18 to watch a rodent get slung a few feet? Are you fucking kidding me? Hey, I like me some cute cuddly squirrels as well, but come on! That shit was funny! And check those comments, utterly retarded. Physical threats and threats of police action...over a rodent? Well, it's obvious what types are flagging this video. Crazy, whacked out Greenies. Seriously, when was squirrel tossing ever a political issue?

Ditto on this one.

And that was even more benign.

Seriously, what is up with YouTube? Now censoring political videos is one thing, but censoring videos of squirrels getting trapped? Now I'm calling bullshit on YouTube. That's exactly what YouTube exists for! Community? Bullshit! It's all about watching stupid fat girls fall over their bikes.

YouTube really needs to look over their policies and then pull their head outta their ass. Videos of IEDs exploding in Iraq are fine while squirrel tossing is not? Hhhhmmmm.....I sense a problem here. It would seem that YouTube has no real oversight policies. Instead of taking the time to look over flagged videos, they just stamp them as objectionable content automatically. Anyone in their right mind would realize squirrel tossing is hardly objectionable, unless you're a PETA type. It's PC bullshit, lets don't offend the tree huggers or they'll send the ELF to burn our offices.

The way I see it there are only two kinds of videos that need to be flagged. Videos of an extreme sexual content (obviously), and any "Faces of Death" type shit. Really, that's it. Everything else is pretty fair game. So why is YouTube being so fucking stupid and basically making people go to their competition?

The treadmill dance...thing

Done by someone else.


The guy who did this was inspired by the "semi-sensical text found in the filter-busting portion of spam messages." Yeah, I always found that shit pretty funny too. But I never thought of animating it! This guy is a friggin genius.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Disney orgy

In Paris. Man, you can't make this shit up.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Journey?

Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Sweet merciful crap, this is one of the worst videos ever produced. Still, I love the song.

Journey - Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

I heard this on the way to the grocery store yesterday and I haven't gotten it out of my head sense.

I need this as an exorcism. DEMONS BE OUT!

You have to admit, Steve Perry has one of the best voices in rock.

T3h cy0000+n355!

Oh man, this is like one of the cutest things ever.

Edit: Or maybe this is.

Brand New Sin - Tequila

So I got this in Tuesday from Century Media Distribution. Overall first impression?

It's okay. Not as good as Recipe For Disaster was, mostly due to the fact that Recipe was catchier and had more bluesy numbers. Tequila is a pretty good rockingalbum but I miss those bluesy cowboy numbers which Brand New Sin does so well. There is a swell cover of House of the Rising Sun at the end though. Right now I've only listened to it once and need to sit down with it again. Woulda done it today but I got absorbed by the Yankees pitcher plowing himself and his plane into some guy's apartment. Then I had to pick up cat food.

Cat needs food ya know.

Damn, guess it'll be a while now that I think of it. I'm hoping to wake up at a good hour so I can do my backyard. It's getting almost bastardly long again. Well, unless it rains, in which case I'm screwed. God, don't I sound like a communist business owner? "No sir, we couldn't meet production at the mine, it was raining all this month!"

But I digress. My score for the new Brand New Sin at this time? About 6/10.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I wish all political ads could be this funny

Album covers battle

Tim Reynolds - After The Goldrush Ohio 03/29/03

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dance of Death

Okay, so I've kinda liked Maiden's A Matter of Life and Death so far. I mean
it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's a pretty good album. But
with all the little things that bother me about it, the vocals, the
guitars constantly on the same note, the quality of the production in
general...well, for some reason I decided I wanted a little
perspective. Time to bust out Dance of Death!

Well, okay, my opinions on Dance of Death have been wide and varied. I
liked it okay, then I hated it, then I liked some songs and hated the
rest.....well, now that I listen to it again I think I made two
mistakes in approaching the album. First, I was disappointed it
wasn't Brave New World 2. My opinion of Brave New World has always
been, repetive choruses aside, that it's one of their three or four best
albums. Bruce sounds great, the lyrics are great (Even on The Nomad, fuck the haters!), the production is
immaculate. I love every little thing about it. With Dance of Death I was basically
looking at it (listening to it I should say) through the prism of Brave New World expecting at the
very least the same masterful vocal performance and the same crisp
production. Obviously neither happened. Hell, Maiden even went from
prog back to straight ahead metal. Basically, I shorted the album and concentrated on the few prog elements that were there eventually becoming disheartened because they didn't work as well together as I was wanting them to.

But now with A Matter of Life and Death I have the opportunity to have
a little more perspective. Life and Death suffers some of the same
flaws, mostly in the vocal department. It's 90% Bruce screaming his
head off. Lyrically it's a better album but Bruce still delivers them
too forcefully. The guitars are on the same
note throughout the entire album and the production is muddy. Hhhmmm...

Okay, taking all that into account I play Dance of Death again. And
now once again my opinion has changed. I used to say there were
only four good songs, and now I'll say there are only three bad ones.
Wildest Dreams, Dance of Death and Paschendale are probably the only
tracks that fall flat (for Wildest Dreams, however, I will say it was far too short by Maiden standards and maybe needed to be expanded upon musically). The others? Balls out metal. Okay, now I
think I can appreciate this album on its own terms. Not entirely though, I
still have to basically compare Dance of Death to another album (that being A Matter of Life and Death) but I
think I've finally come to terms with it. It still has its flaws. I'm
not entirely pleased with the vocals. The lyrics still sound very
first drafty and clumsy. Musically, however, it's a better album than I gave it credit
for. Montsegur is probably the song where Bruce has the hardest time
nailing the vocal delivery but musically it's a fairly crushing song. Gates of
Tomorrow is...well, lemme say that I always felt Montsegur and Gates
of Tomorrow have a very Bruce solo feel to them. They could almost
pass for unreleased b-sides for Skunkworks (Gates) and Accident or
Chemical Wedding (Montsegur). And let me say I certainly don't say that as a bad thing. The Nicko track, New Frontier, is
probably better lyrically then anything else but again it's one I feel
I don't need to skip over anymore. Ditto on Age of Innocence. To be sure I wanna sit with these songs a bit more (though I suppose it's not like I haven't had three years to do that).

So I was basically wanting to hear more of the progressive side of
Maiden and it didn't happen. It's not happening with A Matter of Life
and Death either (or not so much anyway) but I think I have finally
gotten over that. Proggy Maiden has probably ended with Brave New
World. I would like to hear their next album is a progressive album,
yes, but I think Maiden will want to end their career channeling the
New Wave of British Heavy Metal which I think is rather unfortunate.
I mean, I like me some balls out metal, but listening to Maiden push
bounderies is something to behold.

However, taking Dance of Death for what it is, I'll have to re-score
it. I used to say it was 4/10. Now? Mmmmmm, 7.5/10 or 8/10 on a
good day. Ranking Maiden's 14 albums, I would probably put it somewhere smack in the middle.

It's unfortunate that I had to compare this album to the flaws of its follow-up to really get an appreciation for it but then again it's not like I've enjoyed every album in my collection from first listen on. Dream Theater's Awake took me like four years to learn to like. Sometimes it just takes time. But honestly, I'm now glad to say that I think Dance of Death is indeed a very solid and enjoyable release from one of the best bands around.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Kinky Friedman

So as boring as it is it leaves me time to do things like...decide who I'm gonna vote for!

I'm this close...THIS CLOSE...to voting for Kinky Friedman. Why? Why not? Perry did the dumbest thing by encouraging New Orleans refugees to set up shop in Houston. Hello skyrocketing crime rate! For that alone he deserves to lose. Honestly, I just don't care for him much. He's not a horrifically bad governor, but he's nto great. Strayhorn? Well, she's a good comptroller. She should stay there really. Chris Bell? Not on your life! Libertarian? That's pretty much my default candidate.

Kinky? Well he is crazy. He's unprincipled. He's all over the place. More of a govern-by-common-sense-but-not-much-else kinda guy. All hat, no cattle. But honestly? Fuck it, he's got a fairly slim slim super-slim chance of winning and I am really pissed with the two party system. At least Kinky is noticeable enough that a vote for him can be a nice big fuck you.

On the other hand? I hate the idea of protest votes. I would rather vote fr a guy I actually agree with then anything else. I do tend to be more agreeable to Kinky but he talks over-broadly.

Damn, I'm so torn. It doesn't help him that he rather liked Lopez Obrador in Mexico. Also there's the head of the Texas Nation of Islam he wants to give an appointment to. WAH?!?!?! Oh man, scary thought. He likes to talk about how he's outside the good ole boy network, but sometimes that can be a good thing.

I don't know, I still have a month so I can sit on it until then.

I definitaly feel like I'm working at a Motel Sex

Man, this job is boring and the lighting is horrible.

Yep, this is a love motel. It's nice and ut of the way and cheap enough for a quick lay. It's new enough that it's not that low class. Yet.

I had six or seven check-ins and I think they were all here to do blow and get laid. Well, except for the four old guys who looked like drunken hunters but they might have been hoping to have a little uh, "Lemon Party" for all I know. I stand by my decision to stay here until the end of the year.

Other then that, I watched Star Trek with no interupption. Well, okay, I was setting up parts of breakfast but that's about it. City on the Edge of Forever. Good one. It seems the first wave of remasters are all, or mostly all, the best episodes. We've had The Naked Time, Trouble With Tribbles, the one with the Romulans and the one with the Horta...I wonder what's next week? I hope the producers realize not every episode was a winner, we need something to look forward to seeing.

Man, this is a boring night.

I am here!

So I'm doing my first night at Super 8. Okay, well, so far so good. I've had six or seven check-ins so far and I've only fucked up once. Right now I'm just waiting for Star Trek to come on.

Things seem fairly easy. I think after Trek I'm gonna do the floors and start putting together part of breakfast.

More later!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dave Lombardo

Terry Bozzio

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Should I?




Yeah, I think I will.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Solla Solla Enna Perumai

Fucking Bollywood!

From the Beefylist. Yeah, buy a buncha Bollywood movies and a dimebag of weed and say goodbye to all your free time over the weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Sri Lanka Video

Official Lost Experience thingamajig.

Speaking of Hot Pockets

So I got the pepperoni flavor sub this time. Okay, it was pretty good. It tastes better out of the oven than in the microwave I think. And the best part? The prices dropped hardcore! Well, maybe it was just on sale but it dropped like over $0.60 cents. Works for me!

Anyway, I'm not sure if I would call the pepperoni flavor my favorite. It's good, yes, but it's pepperoni. How can you fuck that up? I don't think you can really do anything more with it either. Ya know, I'm gonna have to try the cheese steak one again cause it's been a while. I know I called it my favorite but now I don't know anymore. I need to come around full circle.

But yeah, overall the entire line is pretty good. It's not a huge waste of a couple of bucks. Well, your bowels might make you regret eating 'em but that's it really. Just follow the instructions and remember to turn it halfway through (no cold spots since the first experiment!) and you're in for some okay eatin. Before Matt made me start eating them I actually hadn't touched shitty frozen meals since before high school.

Well, actually he didn't make me so much as I like to imagine I'm better then he is. I mean, he may have an education and a beautiful wife and a loving family and even a bit of celebrity but dammit at least I can cook a freakin Hot Pocket!

But it's not like I compare myself to people I've never actually met or nuthin >_>.

Super 8

Yes, I finally got the job and will be working there Sundays and Mondays during the graveyard shift. I went their for three hours Monday night after talking to the owner that day. Complete waste of a drive by the way, 20 minutes for a conversation that lasted five. Anyway, it's the same system I worked with at Best Western, but the clientele is ten times more degenerate. Okay, I imagined doing six months there. Fuck it, I'll stay until the end of the year and that's it. It might be slow when I'm there, but there's no fuckin way I'll be able to deal with that kinda scum for longer then that. Ah well, everything else is fairly simple. Sit on your ass, check in guests, mop the floor, set up breakfast, leave. I can dig it. The owner told me he wanted to pupt in a new system but I'm imagining that won't happen until after New Years. I imagine. I have no real reason to know that beyond the fact that they just took ownership of the place.

Also, George is taking off for greener pastures. So he'll only be there a couple of more weeks and then vamoose. He'll still be filling in for me at night here at the Hampton though.

Well, anyway, it's back to teh seven days a week thing for a little while. The other reason I want to leave at the end of the year is simply cause I've enjoyed my weekend. I've liked being able to sit on my ass eating Hot Pockets and watching Star Trek and smoke like a chimney and read. Awesome.

Edit: Ah, nevermind. George is gonna stick around at Super 8 depending on how his new job as a surveyor works out. Or at least until the hectic hours kill him. Damn, dude, that's pretty freakin inspirational!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

In The Rough

Table of Malcontents is a great blog to find shit like this.

I just...don't...know!

Time lapse pregnancy







Okay, this shit is too funny. The Animaniacs intro in finnish.


Mexican Radio

What's funny about this is I was searching for Mike Keneally.

They say Texans can't drive in the snow?

The Japanese really are the master race

Fuck the Germans!

Japanese guy with a guitar...

...And playing the theme to Suer Mario Bros.

Super 8 news

I go in for an interview Monday at noon to see if I can get this new part-time job. George says it's basically mine but the owner just wants to meet me first. Either way, I'm treating this as a regular interview. I guess I'll just go in and tell him exactly what's up and why I want the job. I've always been horrible at interviews so I guess I'll just be as candid as possible. Ya know, talk up my experience, talk about how I basically just need an extra source of income and only intend on being there for a finite period of time lasting not much longer then six months. I hope he appreciates honesty.

The only problem is I gotta go to freakin Los Fresnos. Wonderful. Diesel is still $2.45 a gallon here. I better get this damn job if at least to recoup my costs in gas. Well, it's not hard to find, but the drive is kinda far. I'm more worried about trying to look nice for the interview then anything else. My hair in the mornings is always a freakin mess. It doesn't help that I really need a haircut.

Well, first interview in three years. Wish me luck!